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2 months ago

It's a nice product, not my favorite from Andalou Naturals but inoffensive enough to use as a basic moisturizing day cream. It's not overly moisturizing for my combination/dehydrated face, so it works very well under my foundation because it doesn't make me oily while making me look less dehydrated. The scent is nice, fruity, and doesn't linger long. It doesn't cause any trouble, doesn't irritate my skin or break me out or anything. At night however I prefer to use a different cream from Andalou, the Resveratrol one, which is my HG.

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5 months ago

I just realized I have gone through 4 tubs of this and just bought 2 more…and I’ve NEVER been so loyal to a moisturizer, so…review time! The Andalou CannaCell line is formulated with hemp stem cells, hemp seed oil, and a bunch of other oils, hence the name. This is the only CannaCell product I use, the day cream has panthenol in it (boo, hiss, cystic acne) but this is absolutely not too rich for daytime use and I have oily skin. They have an eye cream and a few serums too, which I might eventually check out. Anyway, the Dreamy Night Cream is GREAT. It’s kind of jelly-like, very cool and refreshing, and totally more emollient than you think it will be. I honestly never aim too high with moisturizers. I just want them to moisturize my skin and not break me out. Which is a LOT TO ASK apparently. I do have naturally oily skin but it does get dehydrated, especially in winter, and especially when I go too hard with acids and the like. This is so soothing, and I can just slather it on and wake up to plump refreshed skin. It has never ever given me any sort of bad reaction. For that alone, I sing its praises lol. I really really love it. My skin is happy and moisturized and it just does something extra that I can’t define—evens things out? adds a glow? Idk what but it’s good. It comes in a 1.7oz tub, and I go through one every 3 months or so, but it’s not crazy expensive (generally around $20) and is often on sale at Whole Foods. Lots of people don’t like tub packaging, but my hands are always clean when I dip into it. My 7 year old daughter sometimes asks to use it and plops it all over her face, sighing “Mommy this is just so REFRESHING.” Are you sold yet?!

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