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6 months ago

[Pros] -highly opaque application (one swipe kind of shadows) -bright -really finely milled -mattes are truly matte -removable magnetic pans [cons] -some shades may stain (breaching, dive, and bubblenet) -shimmers have a silicone squishy type formula (not my favorite) -shimmers can be flaky. -opacity(you have to be extra careful when layering these shades otherwise one shade is going to overtake the one underneath) -not easy to blend at first (there is a learning curve but once you get it.. its easy) [Experience] The whalesong palette is a pretty neat blue green palette that I ordered solely because of the color scheme. Now I have a love hate relationship with Menagerie cosmetics formula and that is the fact that is very opaque and dry and dusty. Think ABH eyeshadows but in brights ( for a lot of people that is great). On the other hand I love it because of the opacity these shadows have and the brightness they have. Application is where it gets troublesome for me because i love to layer eyeshadows and add lots of colors and layering is kinda hard when one dip can get enough pigment for both eyes ......you have to really try your hardest to only get small amounts and then sheer it out with a fluffy brush (expect fallout). The formula is dry so it can be detrimental for people with chronic dry eyes. without a base these eyeshadows work well and look amazing with a white base they do darken a bit but the color gets intensified and it looks less powdery. When ever I use the whale song palette or any other menagerie eyeshadow palette i do get slight staining but thats mostly because of the pigments that they use. I have notice there are alot of dyes used to make these shades its okay by me a lot of the times using dyes are what make eyeshadows vegan. the shimmers are beautiful but unfortunately some are silicone based which are not my favorite.....The shimmer shadows are best applied with a finger or with a paddle brush (filbert brush... who knows???!) and using a sticky base splash and whale song can apply well without a sticky base.......fluke and pearl perform better on top of a sticky base since the shimmer is a bit bigger and more likely to flake. [overall] i like this palette and it is neat when i want blue and green eyelooks I would love it if the formula wasn't finicky. otherwise i recommend it since it is cheap and pigmented ....and has unique shades to it such as plankton and kelp.............and other blues.

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