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6 months ago

In the bottle it's a light midtone warm peach with a hint of sparkle with a pinkish-red "flash" with hints of silver glitter. The formula is very good, but due to the milky peach base, you have to use a little care with it vs a true sheer, but it's still very easy to apply (saying this as someone who can not apply hard to work with polishes) and a good polish. One coat on the nail is semi-sheer, more on the sheer side. It's a slightly yellow (very slightly, but it's there) peach with a faint hint of shimmer that's very subtle. It looks lovely in one coat and very clean and natural. I prefer two coats to peach up the yellow and add more subtle sparkle. It's semi-sheer and the red-pink flash is there but very subtle, it just adds "something" vs a flat finish, but is not very noticable at all. It's more peachy and less yellow in two coats and on the nail is about 2 shades lighter than in the bottle. 3 coats would be a waste unless you needed to even it out or just wanted more sparkle or layers. It's not a favorite polish, but it's nice. I do like it but would only buy it again if on sale, as I'm not a big fan of peach tones. But for that family of color (which I don't really like and don't really suit my coloring) it's nice. It's not tacky or too peach due to the hint of the pink flash. It's one of the nicest peach tone polishes I've tried and liked.

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