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a month ago

I'm surprised there's so few reviews for the waterproof version of this mascara. Anyway, I bought this based on the limited reviews I read here and I will say this is the best drugstore mascara I have tried yet. It's true it really gives length and volume and it's really black. I have puny asian lashes that are both short and sparse and point straight down. With one coat of this, I can get really good length and pretty good volume and I can finally see my lashes. I curl my lashes and this mascara doesn't make the curl go flat. Doesn't smudge or flake. I remove it with DHC cleansing oil or MAC cleansing oil but it's still hard to remove at times. I do use the bendy wand and it helps me get to those small corner lashes. I know some people complain of the huge tube but it honestly doesn't bother me. I can stand it up on my table as I apply the product. I will definitely buy this again when I run out.

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2 months ago

I'm quite frankly impressed with this mascara and for a drugstore brand, it's very good. Pros: pretty dramatic effect even with one coat. Volume, length and definition all in one go. The effect is increased even more with two coats and lashes are not left stiff or crunchy afterwards. NO, it won't look like falsies and nobody comes up to me to ask if I'm wearing one. Even with my already long and ok volume lashes, it still looks like real lashes, just MUCH enhanced. Formula is not too wet nor too dry. There's some wiggle room between application and brushing out your lashes with a lash comb as it doesn't dry too fast on lashes. I've only had mine for a month and a half so I don't know if this product will prematurely dry out. I try not to leave it exposed to air for too long though. Waterproof and tenacious. It survived a one hour run, a shower and eye makeup remover all on the same day. I had to go over it again with makeup remover a second time to remove most of the product. For this reason, I only wear it if I don't have to be at work the next day. I have oily lids and this didn't smudge, flake nor migrate off my lashes. Has good lash separation due to the wand with plastic bristles so application was clump free in my experience. It also holds curl all day. “Blackest Black” shade is very pigmented and one of the most pigmented blacks I've seen in drugstore mascaras with only Covergirl Lash Blast in “black” slightly edging it out. The intense pigment undoubtedly contributes to the dramatic look I get with this. Wand is made of plastic that bends in the middle. Depending on your preferences, this feature can either be useful or gimmicky. I neither find it useful nor gimmicky as I'm used to wands that don't bend. I don't particularly find it helpful in getting the corner lashes but your mileage may vary. Cons: Not really a con but it's not easily removed with makeup remover. Then again, most waterproof mascaras are like this so it's expected. Claim on the package says “instant lash lift”. Depending on what they meant by that, I don't find this applies in my case. I have naturally straight lashes and I still have to use a lash curler to have any decent curl at all. With that said, once there's a curl, this mascara holds it all day. The curl does fall slightly though when I get my face wet with water or rain. Last but not least, the fat bottom of the container is not my favorite. I prefer slim containers for ease in holding in my hand. Overall, very good mascara and one that rivals *some* of my department store brands. I'd certainly consider repurchasing this again

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2 months ago

I have hooded, oily lids and I work in retail. Most mascara smudges on me mid-way through my shift and I only wear it on my top lashes, generally. This mascara is very black, gives a rather dramatic effect, and uses a plastic brush that isn't too large for my eyes. It also smudges on me (not all days but 70% of them) and is very, very difficult to remove, even with waterproof eyemakeup removers. It takes multiple products, q-tips, etc. and I would still wake up with residue the next morning after losing lashes during removal efforts the previous night. I used this for around 2 months but the removal was maddening and I still had smudging. I buckled down and shelled out for Clinique Lash Power - lasts all day, I can use it on my lower lashes, and much easier to remove. It's my current HG, even if it is the most expensive mascara I've purchased.

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6 months ago

I have been testing this L'Oreal Unlimited mascara in waterproof for 2 months now and it is the best mascara I have ever used. It makes me want to go back to my reviews here and edit/update all the 5 star reviews into 4 stars, except for the Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes in waterproof, which I still do really love for my short, sparse, stick-straight, point-straight-down, "Asian" lashes -- to define, amplify, and most importantly, hold curl. The Unlimited is even better because it really lengthens and volumizes lashes; either the formula or the wand or both really, really "grips" my lashes and coats them fabulously without a clumpy mess and while seeming to separate them too! It does not flake or smudge at all, but it is not difficult to remove with a duo-phase waterproof eye makeup remover; I do not lose lashes trying to remove this mascara like I did with the Maybelline Lash Sensational or L'Oreal Lash Paradise in their waterproof formulas. The wand is a pointy, plastic wand in the triangular conical shape (like thin Christmas tree) and the wand is perfect for applying mascara to short lashes and not getting product all over your eyelids/face. It does a great job on its own or added as a top layer over other mascaras, including more chunky/clumpy ones like the CG Exhibitionist in waterproof. My score of 3 for the packaging is a compromise of some pluses and minuses: + clean dark blue packaging (not embarrassing/juvenile neon pink or aqua) + if it helps you, the wand flexes and bends in the middle for supposed better application - I honestly found it made no difference to me whether I applied the product with the wand flexed or not; it was great either way, meaning that for me, I didn't need it - really dislike the fat bottom of the tube; I would strongly prefer that it be a regular thin/column-shaped tube.

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