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6 months ago

The worst thing about this product is the color it gives you after the product settles in. It gives you a dusty, smoky color; you look faded and lifeless. My second complain is the mess that it gives you. After shaking it well, I put it on a surface. No matter what I do, I get drops on my clothes or on my makeup desk. The sad reality is that the color never fades away, no matter how many times you wash it, no matter how hard you rub it. The stain is there to stay! I had to throw away a couple of T-shirts. Third, it is hard to blend in. Although this formula is dusty, whilst applying; the formula is oily. The color mixes in before the oil settles, and you look kind of funky if you didn't take your time blending it. I guess sunscreen is not meant for makeup... The only pros: I guess it does really protect you from the sun. Overall: I don't feel confident wearing this foundation.

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8 months ago

This is an all-mineral tinted sunscreen fluid from Bioderma with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide as its UV protectants, and Iron Oxides for tint (and by extension, protection from Blue Light). It comes in a 40ml bottle and in three shades (Natural Tint, Light Tint, and Golden Tint). This sunscreen has an SPF rating of 50+ and a PPD of 25. Bioderma, as with all European cosmetics brands, does not reveal the percentage of sunscreen filters used in their formulations, because in Europe, sunscreen is regulated as a cosmetic product, not a drug (so there are no "active ingredients" in the American sense, so to speak). With that in mind, one can still tell that this sunscreen is absolutely laden with Zinc Oxide. It's the first ingredient on the list. This is an absolutely phenomenal sunscreen for dark-skinned folk seeking out a mineral-only sunscreen that will not leave a white cast. The Golden Tint will suit a spectrum of darker skin tones just fine. The best thing about this sunscreen, though, is the finish it leaves. Bioderma advertises this sunscreen as "silky", with "soft focus powders" that leave a "powdery matte finish". It leaves a lovely, sheer, barely-there finish that makes the face look radiant in the most natural way ever. I wouldn't call the finish either overly matte or dewy, it's certainly 'powdery', albeit in a velvety, demi-matte way that just looks... good. This could easily replace a skin tint, hell, it is better a skin tint, since you're getting great protection from UVA and UVB. There's a bit more coverage to it than Glossier's Skin Tint. If you're interested in using this sunscreen as an adjunct to your chemical sunscreen, perhaps because you'd like the additional protection from Blue Light that the physical filters offer, it would be great as a second layer, and could additionally multitask as a primer and/or a light base makeup product. It's especially perfect for guys that seek a two-in-one sunscreen and skin tint; all you've got to do is slap it on, and you're set. This sunscreen also has Dimethicone, Shea Butter and Salicylic Acid in it. The Dimethicone and Shea Butter contribute to the fluid's very silky feel. I can't objectively ascertain whether the Salicylic Acid actually works or if it's a gimmick, since I already use Paula's Choice 2% BHA regularly, but Bioderma claims it works. A skeptic might dispute this, since chemical exfoliants are meant to be formulated at a low pH in order for them to work, and it's not possible that this sunscreen is at a low enough pH for the BHA to do its job. However, the latest research shows that Salicylic Acid is unique in the sense that has been proven to work *at least somewhat* at pHs outside of a very acidic range, so it might just be able to do the trick here. You aren't meant to depend on the BHA in this sunscreen as your sole source of chemical exfoliation, but it's a nice touch, nonetheless. My only gripe with this product is the design of the bottle. I don't exactly know how to describe it, but it comes with a screw-top cap that you remove in order to dispense the sunscreen through a little opening that is centred on the flat top of the bottle. It can leave a bit of a mess around the rim of the bottle. I'd very much prefer a skinny nozzle-type bottle to avoid this (think LRP's Anthelios bottle design). I've taken a lippie off for packaging, but it deserves five lippies overall because of its stellar formula.

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