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a month ago

I just tried this cleanser in a small sample packet & I wasn't that impressed with it ! I completely agree with the last reviewer of this product! This facial cleansers is your typical foaming face wash with sodium Laureth sulfate & I found it a bit drying on my fairly oily skin type! But the biggest disappointment was the bad fragrance in this! Bc on the ingredients list it lists lavender oil & I was expecting a natural soothing lavender scent but instead I got hit with some fragrance that was sickening sweet which reminds me of some laundry detergent I had used a while ago ! But thankfully the perfume doesn't linger & rinses away fast! But it's not worth 50 something dollars for this facial cleanser! & it's something that could easily be replaced with a drug store face wash!& unless you have oily skin I think this would be drying on your face! Just a mediocre facial cleanser & I'm glad I just got a sample of this & I wouldn't blow my money on this!

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7 months ago

This is a standard average water soluble foaming cleanser from Lancer Method: Cleanse. This is step two in the famous Lancer regimen. Very average formula, reading the ingredient listing on the back of the product was a laugh since the formula is so cheap and really doesn't differ at all from cleansers you can easily buy at the pharmacy for less than 10$! There are only so many ingredients in cosmetic chemistry than can cleanse skin in a water soluble format, this cleanser makes use of traditional surfactants such as cocamidopropyl betaine and sodium laureth sulfate, hardly spending over 60$ on. I can get the same light foaming action from my favourite drugstore bargain cleanser Neutrogena Foaming Face Wash or Olay Gentle Clean for Sensitive Skin. The scent is rather hideous and smells of bad ageing bath salts that need to be thrown out, almost like cheap body wash actually, a fake sweet smelling artificial scent, not at all pleasing. It comes out as a pearlescent blob, foams well in water on hands, the foaming bubbles aren't too strong, it cleans gently and remove makeup quite well. I just don't think this warrants the extortionate price. Ignore the Dr.Lancer's instructions to use this after your polish, it makes no sense at all, you must first cleanse your skin with this then go in with the polish (far too harsh feels like broken glass). Summary an expensive way to wash your face, money is literally going down the drain. Stick with a budget friendly cleanser from your pharmacy, this is too ridiculous. This is a review for the blue tube Cleanser from the Lancer Method: Cleanse for normal to combination skins.

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