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8 months ago

I have straight (type 1A),thin,shoulder length hair which is fragile,dry and extremely damaged as I've been bleaching it for 5 years.my natural hair color is black but I bleach and color my hairs to have super blond,platinum hair,I'm suffering from feminine Alopecia(grade 3) and I have discovered the brighter my hair,the less sparse it looks(when there's more contrast between my hair color and my scalp color,it's as if I'm highlighting the sparse areas so I try to keep my hair color close to my skin's color) Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Hair Mask comes in a 250 mil plastic jar with golden plastic screw on lid,it looks nice but I don't like jar packaging as I hate dipping my fingers in skincare or Hair products and in this case,I hate that water may enter it.another con is that there's no ingredients list on it (I saw photos of it with ingredients listed on the bottom of the jar so I think hopefully they have added ingredients in recent batches).but the fact that a lot of hair masks come in pots and jars and that I love this product made me don't see the packaging as a deal breaker.I solve the problem by using plastic spoons to scoop it so I don't have to put my wet fingers in it The product is creamy but not too thick,it's texture reminds me of cold creams,like the other products in Milk & Honey Gold line it's scented but I LOVE it's fragrance and it's one of reasons of loving this product.it smells like honey and milk so if you like the smell of honey you will probably love it too(I even love perfumes that smell like honey for example Kim Kardashian Honey) I usually use it this way,,I use it once a week,first wash my hairs with shampoo.pat my hairs with towel.put generous amounts of mask on my slightly wet hairs(I skip roots) ,massage gently and comb my hairs(eventhough I have thin hair I usually have problem in detangling and combing but when I have this mask on my hairs I can easily comb my hairs),then I put on a plastic shower cap,wrap a hot towel around it a wait.it says in Oriflame Website that you have to wait for 5 mins but I wait for about 15 mins before washing it.after coming out of shower I usually let my hairs dry by themselves in the air.I can instantly notice that my hair is much smoother and looks shiney and more healthy.the amazing thing is It doesn't weigh down my hairs and doesn't make my hairs become greasy and dirty faster than usual.another great thing is that after using this hair mask for a while I can see my hairs are growing longer(usually my hairs don't become longer even after months probably because the end of my hairs are too thin and damaged and break easily) so I feel it really is curing the damage I wash my hairs 3 times a week and when I use this mask once a week I see no need to use conditioner after shampooing my hairs the whole week so the times that I don't use this mask I just wash my hairs with a gentle shampoo and after coming out of shower I use Argan Oil or Oriflame Hairx CC Cream Hair Care Beautifier(I don't know if they still produce it.Oriflame has this bad habit of discontinuing it's products rapidly) as leave in treatments and I'm good to go until my next shower I have already repurchased it once and right now I'm using the last bits of the second jar.my mom had bought me a Schwarzkopf hair mask and I'm going to use that one after finishing this but I will definitely repurchase it as I love the shiney,silky,lovely smelling hairs it gives to me P.S: I also have a shower cream and a hand and body cream(I use it as face cream) from this Milk & Honey Gold line of Oriflame and they're also great products. ***************************** I used to be an Oriflame consultant a few years ago which gave me the opportunity of trying different products from this brand.these are my top ten favorite oriflame products.I hope you find it useful if you want to try some products from this brand - Giordani Gold Incredible Length Mascara - Oriflame Feet Up Advanced Intensive Moisture Foot Mask(white jar,silver plastic lid) -Oriflame Bamboo Precision makeup brushes -Oriflame Even Out Eye Cream -Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold products(hair mask,hand and body cream,shower cream) -Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls( I have it in shade Natural,it's not really a bronzer,it's blush) -Oriflame The One Gel Eye Liner Pencil -Oriflame The One Lip Sensation Whipped Cream (they're glossy lipsticks) -Giordani Gold Youthful Radiance Elixir Primer (not a classic silicone primer,it's something in the same vein of Guerlain Gold Primer) - Oriflame Tendercare

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