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8 months ago

This is probably the most I've ever spent on a single cosmetic item. I lean toward the cheaper stuff when I shop for my makeup, but I saw someone do a makeup tutorial with this particular palette and I just really, really wanted it, so I got it as a birthday gift to myself. And I have to say I really love these colors! The product goes on smooth, bold, and true to what you see in the palette. It blends better than any eyeshadow I've tried before, the product stays on for a decent amount of time (with primer and setting spray), there's no fragrance and no "fallout" (flecks of product falling all over your cheeks), and while I'm much more of a matte person, this palette has matte and shimmery shades as well as a lovely variety of coffe-esque colors for a warm look that you can take in either a subtle or bold direction. My only complaint is the colors toward the bottom of the palette that are more cool and gray/silver. There are several shades of matte and glittery silver and black in this palette, and while I can understand the black because black coffee, where do they serve silver coffee that these colors would fit into a coffee palette? I'm sure somebody does, but the grays and silvers just seemed out of place to me in this particular set. I bought this because I liked most of the colors, but I wish I could just kind of eliminate the bottom row entirely and the two silver pots in the second to last row. The variety is nice and I imagine those cooler shades are in there to add a pop of brightness or contrasting color to the more toned down shades of brown, but I really kind of wish it was a palette of all brown, tan, beige, and cream shades. I won't give the product a lower rating because of my gripe with the gray shades because that's just a conflict of personal interest and I know lots of folks would totally dig those cool colors in this palette. This is a beautiful product that I used every single day for quite a while (I rarely use it now only because I've been on a big peach/nude eyeshadow kick for a few months) and if it's any reflection of the quality of Morphe's other products, I hope to shop with them again sometime. I don't think the Oh Boy Artistry palette was available when I ordered the Koffee palette, otherwise I probably would have gotten that one instead since it has more colors I prefer compared to Koffee, but I still can't complain! The fact that I balk at most makeup prices and would totally spend $24 or so again on this palette is definitely a sign of its quality. It was worth every penny, it'll last you a long time due to the sheer number of shades, and it's a great product for both beginners and pros to have in their collection.

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