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With the Moroccan Spice eyeshadow palette, I think that the mattes are the best formulas in it; they're a decent quality, but I must admit that for this kind of price range, I do think that there are smoother formulas available in many other brands, that do apply and blend that bit quicker/easier. Still; these are pretty good quality in that they wear well once applied satisfactorily, and there are no fails for me in terms of shades - a few are similar once applied and blended, but there are no "what is the point of including both of these?" types for me. However I found that the shimmers (I don't think that they are molten enough to be classed as metallic) are not what I expect from a mid-price brand. They aren't what I think of as 'bad' exactly, but they don't come close to the quality of other brands in the price range the brand has put itself in. If this palette were around the £21 mark normally, I'd call it good enough, but I expect more for something that is usually £42 - the powder is pretty dry, so you need to dampen your brush before applying the shadow for the best effect, when I think that you shouldn't have to manipulate the formulas to get them to work well, when you get to this price point. I was really excited when I found this in a half-price sale, but I'm just going to pass it along to a friend who showed interest in trying it, as I don't need to put in as much effort with my other eyeshadow palettes to make decent looks, so I would rarely bother to reach for this one. If Moroccan Spice was something that was always at the £25 and under price-point, then I wouldn't have had such high expectations, but as it is, you can get the smaller palettes from the likes of ABH, Huda and Viseart for less money, so the brand really needs to improve on their formulas, if they want to try again with eyeshadow releases at some point in the future as they are not near the quality levels of their competitors. With this being the second Fenty Beauty eyeshadow palette in a row failing to impress me in terms of quality [although I'll be fair & note that there is a improvement on this palette over Galaxy], I'm left completely underwhelmed and not feeling interested in future eyeshadow releases from the brand. I have noticed that it's not very dissimilar to the Urban Decay Born To Run palette, so yeah, I'd recommend buying that instead. If you are interested in Moroccan Spice, I'd get it now that almost everywhere has it on sale - a sign that is being discontinued, I suspect.

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