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9 months ago

I enjoy this cleanser a lot, more than Darphin's cleansing balm actually because it's easier to work with. The tube is esthetically pleasing and rather compact since it's filled to the brim which is a rarity. The cleanser comes off as a semi-thick gel that smells divinely of orange blossom. There's a slight stickiness but nothing compared to the balm. I massage it on dry face except from the eyes since I prefer micellar water for the area, add some water and massage an extra minute. Then I either rinse or use a washcloth and continue with a foaming cleanser. It's basically my makeup remover and does the job very well. After rinsing my second cleanser I can't detect residue and the skin is left soft and supple. A little pricey but a lovely treat nonetheless.

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10 months ago

This did not emulsify enough so was left with an oily mess that required an extra step of remover pads. Everything about this is pleasant except that it does not rinse off. Unless you can handle an extra step ie 3 step cleansing, I don't recommend this. This is promising but clearly needs a reformulation to include more emulsifying agent. Once that's done, it would be a winner. I would recommend that you take a sample home and see if you can handle using a balm cleanser that needs to be fully removed with a non-water agent (such as face towel, wipes etc). If you can stand it, then you may like this. I could not, so it was returned.

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