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I have almost finished using a full 1.7oz bottle of this. I wear sunscreen daily. I have oily N20 skin and live in a hot, humid climate. I do not wear makeup over sunscreen usually (just mascara and lipstick). This sunscreen works. I do not burn at all. I do not break out from this sunscreen at all. If I sweat, it doesn't run into/sting my eyes. The texture is easy to rub in and there is no off-putting smell. Given that all mineral-only non-tinted sunscreens leave a cast, I expect a cast. With my skin tone, some are passable and some are not. This one just squeaks in as not passable. I don't look like a white lab coat but there is enough cast left (after absorption) that you do a double take and wonder why my face is just a little paler than anything in a normal range for my skin tone. It is truly just a millimeter under my personal line for acceptable cast. I have worn this only on my face... I have very little left - but as of today, it's been relegated to neck/chest usage until it runs out. I really like most DDG skincare but I won't be repurchasing this one. My personal faves are Australian Gold Tinted Face Mineral SPF50 (10+ repurchases) and Cotz Prime & Protect Non-Tinted (on my 1st tube but holds up as well as the tinted Cotz version). If you have paler skin than me, this should work well for you!

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Styles change quickly in the beauty world, but something you can always count...

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