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5 months ago

I don't know why there aren't more reviews for this new line of lipsticks. Mine is Mauve For Me, and I like it so much that I bought another one. I don't care for any of the other shades in this line and don't believe that any of them are universal. But Mauve For Me is almost perfect and I reach for it all the time. So I now carry one in my purse and keep one at home. It is just a beautiful shade and I wouldn't even call it mauve. It's sort of a more muted rosy, rum raisin kind of shade. There's something about it. Many lipsticks overpower the face, or make you look ill if they are too pale, or they try too hard to be aggressive. This shade simply enhances the face, whether worn alone, or with any kind of makeup.

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9 months ago

I’m very careful when it comes to “universal” anything since as a species there’s very few things that actually are “universal” to us and colors are defiantly not one of them. Maybelline released this collection right at the beginning of 2019 to my knowledge. I think that by universal they mean something for everyone. Which makes more sense. But not that the colors suit most women who will try each. Plum for Me: My favorite of the bunch and easily became one of my favorite lipsticks ever encountered. The formula suits the dimensions and intensity of the tone so well. It is a fresh, energetic, youthful plum on my Dark Winter/High Contrast Dark Hair Bright Skin. It delivers such a beautiful light to my face. And as blush it is delightful. People won’t stop complimenting me when I wear it. I loved it so much I bought 20 more just in case I ran out because finding fashionable lipstick for me at the drugstore besides red is hard. Especially in an flexible formula like this one, where the color is allowed to be fluid no matte or sheer. High recommend if you’re one of those women that suit dark colors best, especially blues, whites, dark greens, and maybe the crystal like colors of True and Cool Summer as this is more cool toned. Most Winters will love this one for sure but I imagine most Dark Winters will love it. It gives us a break from the femme fatale lipsticks! It would look horrific on warm toned women for a fact. The beauty of this color was as much as a surprise as you can imagine. Fuschia For Me: I actually bought this one before the Plum. It is such a beautiful, fresh and happy Fuschia. It’s not a blue Fuschia it is more pink and yellow based and as such it would suit Dark Spring AKA Bright Spring Women like a glove. TBH on me it looks downright awful. It is too bright and pink for me. Spring Women are those women who have a peachy freshness to their skin and rich to neutral hair. And the only group that can almost wear every single color on their palette in their hair. The rule of note with this group is often is their colors are legit cheerful. They look strange in very stark, muted tones. They are the only group that can get away with wearing pure orange and look every bit as fabulous in it. The autumns/warm toned women need their oranges warmer and browner. Winters can get away w/orange ONLY if it has black or some cool toned color complimenting it like cobalt: The orange has to be straight up highlighter for any winter to pull it off. Pink for Me: This is a sheer, lovely pink that was made for Summer toned women. Now Summer toned women are a bit of a confusing breed because this is a very limited color range. Low contrast coloring and lots of harmony. It is most common in people with European descent and seldom for POC. As a rule, Summer toned women look best in greys, whites, silver, muted pink and mints. They also have light hair, skin and eyes an there’s not a great degree of disharmony among them.The confusing element to Summer comes in the form of the Soft Summer. It is the warmest summer color variant and the most varied. Most women of color with grey eyes, muted hazel eyes, and grayish olive skin will often be a Summer season. Rihanna is a Soft Summer for example. And folks that look like her (dark folk with muted eyes and naturally ashed hair) usually are. So is Kate Middleton. A lot of Eurasians I’ve noted for this group as well. This is right on the alley for Summer tone women and maybe Light Spring and Soft Autumn but not the best option for everyone else. Spicy for Me: A good warm peachy brown across the board for the truly warm complexioned women, namely Warm Autumn, Warm Spring and Dark Autumn. This is much more neutral warm than it is warm but this would look awful on everyone except these women. Finding and recommending lipstick tones for these seasons is hard as they’re seldom found in the drugstore, despite their number being the most numerous. Literally all races of women can be this warm, and more likely than not the colored seasons I mentioned need to alter their hair color to look normal or to really manifest the full color splendor of their seasons. TBH I find this color quite rich and sexy and most warm women will run away from it. I’ve realized that the warm toned women yearn the most for the “natural” look but this is far from the most impressive look the majority could wear. I hope if you’re an Autumn and see this, please play with the more dramatic shades in your palette. Stop focusing on nude looks, your coloring is so much richer than that! Ruby for Me: A soft muted red. It’s definitely a more innocent type of red lipstick. This would look good on Light Spring, Soft Autumn, Light Summer, and Clear Winter. It’s a red for light eyes and skin I find and one that’s not often attempted. Very pretty. Most women that are intimidated by red lipstick could give this one ago but it’s not as exciting as a tailored red should be. And this red is best tailored to the complexion tones I specified. Red For Me: Again, a red for springs. It’s too neutral toned for everyone else. It’s too light for Winters, too harsh for most Summers except light Summer, not ideal for Autumns, but on the money for Bright Spring and Light Spring. This is how those seasons do “Old Hollywood”. And finally Mauve for Me: IMO this would look and probably should look terrible on ALL seasons except Summers because it is such a well made shade of Mauve. It’s a fresh take on Mauve, a little bit more pink and the creaminess of the formula makes the color come much more alive. A great complement and mlbb or everyday look for Summer toned women. Since this is so soft it would give anyone else with pigmented lips the dreaded dead lips look. I know this is a long review but I hope I at least managed to give you a clear or close understanding why the universal color mentality is wrong and helps you become a wiser shopper.

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