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9 months ago

I have been doing facials with fresh avocado mixed with honey for a number of years and my skin has been fab and so I wondered what avocado oil would be like. WELL...I was stunned. I thought it would leave my face oily, however if I allow 10 - 15 mins for it to absorb my skin feels velvety. Not just soft but literally like velvet! Now...for a 60 year young gal this is fantastic as I have been looking for years for just such a “moisturizer”, spent more money then I ever should have trying to find my “Holy Grail” of moisturizers and for just mere pennies per use I have found it. My skin is extremely sensitive. Extremely is actually an understatement. I have never had an issue with acne or breakouts but my skin can feel like it has been burned/scalded if I use something my skin doesn’t like. In addition, I can be left with really angry pustules that can last from 1 - 5 days. Not good. At all. I wanted to find a really good avocado oil and I was really lucky to find this brand right out of the shoot. I have started to use it on my arms, legs, hands, back and neck. My skin looks better then it has in years. Now, this recommendation to use avocado oil came from no one. I had watched a number of youtubes and read a substantial amount of reviews on blogs looking for a good moisturizer and yet no one recommended avocado oil. Not one single person. I imagine this is because avocado oil isn’t being hocked, it is cheap, and retailers have absolutely nothing to gain by distributing or promoting it’s use. I have been using this company’s brand of avocado oil for several months now and I can say my facial wrinkles have diminished. As a nurse of over 30 years my hands look and feel like they did 10 (or more) years ago. I am a fair skinned caucasion and each of has individualized results and this is mine. Only you can decide what your results are. I can say though that I do not like the smell at all. But it dissipates in moments after application. (Thank goodness). But there are worse things in life...like spending tons of my hard earned money on ineffective facial moisturizing products that do little to nothing of what they claim! I am extremely happy I have found MY (cheap) Holy Grail. <I have been a member of and relied on Makeup Alley reviews. Because of this I felt compelled to write this review to perhaps help one other person looking for a product which is 1. Inexpensive YET 2. Extremelly effective.>

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