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10 months ago

I got this at a slight discount and was mainly taken by the name: ‘Fawn’- I really love deer. Anyway the colours are ideal for my colouring (Warm Autumn; C3 in MAC f&b; between NC40-42). They look natural and eye brightening. They go well together. They are sophisticated because it’s not just plain peach, brown, dark brown, white. It’s a white with a pink/lavender tinge, peach with a tan/camel tinge, a medium brown that is rich but not very deep and just enough red in it to remind one of a deer yet not so warm that It takes away from the contour we want, And a deep slightly shimmery brown with a HINT of eggplant tone to it - very subtle— Which helps it tie in with the pale whitish lavender highlight and also makes it ideal for brown eyes. When I use this palette I know I look good and enjoy the colour scheme, which makes me feel confident. If I had to get rid of most of my eye makeup and just had this palette, My Joe Blasco Taupe and deep brown, a few shimmery shades, mascara, and a small selection of eyeliners in different colours (eg dark green, dark brown, dark grey, black), I would be okay. This makes a great base for eyeliner and just make your eyes look bright and alert because of the subtle nuances in the colours esp the darkest. To do a smoky using the dark shade as a wash on the lids and the rest as supporting cast is really my fave way to use it. They last an average amount of time without primer, but with primer they don’t fade so much. The main reason to take off a point is that the colours can be flat and dusty except for the shimmery brown. They aren’t the type of matte that I enjoy (Mattes in the old Dior formulation, Guerlain’s now discontinued quads, Kevyn Aucoin, Joe Blasco, some MAC)- those are examples of mattes that adhere well and look less flat for some reason- perhaps due to better pigment- but these actually can give a chalky or flat effect. The lady did say something about being inspired by drawing, for her quads. Not to sound pedantic, but the thing about drawing is, our eyelids and eye shapes are 3D, not plain paper/skin. So that flat look can mar the end result and ironically end up looking unnatural. It might just be more noticeable on me as I have a rounded, almost epicanthic fold/hood on the outer part of my eye. The way I add dimension (if going for a non-smokey effect because for smokey, the dark colour is great as a simple wash and layering the other colours on and around it) is by using it in conjunction with other shadows . EG today I used a shimmery Lancome ‘Burnt Sand’ for a base on the moveable lid, and on lower lashlins before applying this quad. Another time I had used MAC Jest to lend some sheen. Once with a Nars duo. Once with a Shiseido peach colour. Etc. Not a big deal but just something to keep in mind.

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