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6 months ago

The Banana Boat Simply line is the best sunscreen I have been able to use. But please note, this stuff is not meant to be worn on your face under makeup. On your face at the beach with no makeup...sure. But this is not meant for on the face under makeup. I actually prefer the sport Simply line better than this because it spreads a bit easier, but this is excellent for those that need the cleanest sunscreen options. This sensitive skin version just takes a second more to rub in. I hope Banana Boat does not stop making these because we have horribly sensitive skin and don't have a lot of options in our family. IMPORTANT NOTE: But be warned, the spray versions are not our friend. It has the Avobenzone that we try to avoid due to stinging. So please note that the positive reviews are for the creams only.

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7 months ago

Been on the search for a good drugstore priced sunscreen to implement into my daily routine and looks like I've found it. I really like how light and liquid in consistency it is because it makes it very easy to blend in. Light sunscreen smell and slight white cast but nothing close to pasty or chalky like some are or how some sunscreens become over time. It is less than $10 for 6 oz so I definitely think this is worth the money and worth a shot. As far as makeup, I have not experienced any issues. I think as long as your skin is well prepared and moisturized before you should be good.

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9 months ago

I really, really wanted to like this product. I usually like Banana Boat products (the Sun Comfort sunscreen was my favorite for quite awhile), so I was excited to see them release a fragrance-free product marketed for adult sensitive skin. I love that this product has a thin, blendable texture that dries down pretty quickly. It's a combination sunscreen with SPF 50, it's affordable, and it's fragrance free! Score, right? Unfortunately this stuff pills like you wouldn't believe. Like, are-you-secretly-a-molting-snake levels of pill. It screwed up several days of makeup application before I figured out why my foundation looked so insane on my jawline; then I really tried to make it work by applying strategically and patting instead of rubbing. I'm pretty sure that I just rubbed most of the product off in my attempts to smooth it out. Save your time and coint, folks. The Coppertone Pure & Simple line is a much better execution of a similar concept and it's about the same price per ounce.

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