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5 months ago

Pros. - thick - non greasy - I noticed some improvement in eye texture. (not long term though) -lasts a long time cons -not very moisturizing. -jar type packaging ( dipping my finger can be eh itd be better in a tube) - very average compared to other eyecreams I've tried in the past. My experience with this cream is that it feels thick and nice at firsst but after a while i realize it doesnt do much, it softens my lines but it doesnt really feel moisturizing at all. I have really dry skin and benefit more by following up this eye cream with some oil of sorts. I just dont think its comaparable to other belif products. I also began to feel itchy around my eyes at first so I am not sure what ingredient cause this reaction since i am not sensitive at all. I will say this though it makes for a good undereye concealer primer because it does somewhat blur fine lines but as a treatment I don't see it being worth the money at all.....save for the fact that this cream has lasted a long time 4 months with daily use. so If thats a pro so be it I am almost sooo close to panning this product.

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5 months ago

I did not like this eye cream at first but have grown to like it a bit more over time. Despite its thick, almost balm-like texture, it left my under eyes dry a few hours after applying. It applied easily and initially felt nourishing, but the feeling and effect just didn’t last. I actually started to like the product more when I reserved use for nighttime only AND covered it with an occlusive immediately after application. Then I started to see a slight improvement in my under eye area...in the mornings it was smoother and as a result my makeup applied nicely in that area, but I don’t know if improvement is from the eye cream or simply the addition of the occlusive (I use By Nieves-The Balm). I’ve used it this way for approx a month, and while results haven’t been otherworldly, the combo has at least allowed me to use the product. I can’t use it as a daytime eye cream because my eyes end up very dry, and having to top with an occlusive at night is kind of a pain, so I won’t repurchase. I’m not sure the skin types this cream will benefit most...it’s thickness makes me inclined to think it may be too heavy for oily folks, but it’s lack of any long-term moisture or nourishment makes me think dry skin types won’t benefit much either. Perhaps it would be good for those with more normal skin who are looking for this ingredient deck. For reference, I have mid-40’s maturing skin which tends to be on the dry side.

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a year ago

This is a nice winter face cream that is thicker in consistency than Belif's moisturizing bomb. I enjoyed using this cream, and used it until the jar was empty, but feel ambivalent as to whether or not I would purchase it again. I have oily skin, and this was too heavy for me to use in the mornings underneath make up. I used this at night as the last step to my skin care routine. After using my toner, essence, etc (I really enjoy the Korean multi-step skin care routine), I would apply this, sometimes even applying this over my face oil after it had a chance to absorb. I really enjoyed it, and I feel like it worked well. My skin felt hydrated and moisturized without feeling too heavy. I can't stay, however, that I like it more than the cheaper, lighter, but still moisturizing Aqua Bomb. It wouldn't make me sad to use this again, but I think I prefer Aqua Bomb (and even Moisturizing Bomb) over this one. I guess I'm just not convinced that the extra $20 added anything noticeable or different. It's not bad though, and, I think if you're curious and are willing to spend the $58 it costs to add this to your routine, I would say go for it. You might enjoy it..

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