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a year ago

I have a combination of cystic acne, fungal acne, & hormonal related breakouts. My skin type is a mixture of normal-to-dry, depending on whatever treatments I am using at the time. I bought this serum to soothe my medicated, dry, red skin. Much to my surprise, *this serum never caused any breakouts.* However, even with daily application, it didn’t moisturize my skin either nor calm the redness. This seems to work *slightly* better if layered under aloe vera, or a hydrating facial mist. On its own, nothing happens. The price ($6.99) & packaging are perfect, but the product fails to deliver its promise of calming irritated skin. My advice: I would avoid this, and try something else instead. Calamine lotion works much better as a night time remedy for acne prone/ruddy skin. And as for serum recommendations, vitamin C serum with hylarunic acid is great for all skin types.

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a year ago

Valjean Labs Restore facial serum claims it will purify as well as soothe stressed, blemish prone skin. I bought it at Marshall’s ($6.99) lured by the promise of soothing stressed skin, I had a breakout on my right cheek and jaw, that while no longer active, had lingering redness. Within a week of using the serum, 4-6 drops nightly there was a notable difference in redness. With the winter weather I tend to get redness around my nose and under my eyes due to dry skin and the serum also took care of that. The serum is very light, I’d hesitate to even really call it a serum as it has the consistency and feel of Witchhazel. However, I do pat it on focusing around my nose and undereyes and any other areas I have redness and then use my facial roller. There is no noticeable scent, or residue. I apply Cetaphil daily hydrating lotion after, and Argan oil on any especially dry spots. I would buy again.

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