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5 months ago

Very effective in removing my deadskin. I have mild keratosis on my face which produces a lot of dead skin, because of that i am very acne prone and it seems my skin is always dry and flaky. This exfoliator removed my skin therefore no more pimples and it doesnt make my skin dry either. Price is so cheap and packaging is good.

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a year ago

I found this peeling gel during my small shop hunt. Since it's so cheap, and I have never used a peeling gel, and it's a Cosme winning product, and my face could use some additional exfoliation, I bought it. I'm no expecting a miracle product, just to test how well this helps to remove dry flakes on my skin. Application -Translucent gel -When I rub it into my face, most gel stays on skin while some polymers start forming. -Doesn't feel harsh and gritty on my face. There's no hard beads in this gel. -Requires some effort to take this off my face - After using water to remove this gel, I find that when I rub my cheeks, small polymers still form. -There's a cheap smelling fragrance which I'm not bothered by. Since the gel comes into contact with my skin for less than five minutes, I doubt the fragrance will sensitize my skin. Results -Leaves the more sensitive areas of my skin slightly red (T zone and cheeks). Thankfully, a night's sleep calmed down those spots. However, if your skin is sensitive to alcohol, this gel isn't for you. -Right after using this, my skin feels smooth but also dehydrated. After my night routine and a night's sleep, my skin feels smooth and moisturized like egg white. Bumps appear smaller and skin looks my refined. It works better than using a towel to rub my face, which takes a longer time to achieve this level of smoothness and also needs more effort to sanitize. Note that I also use BHA and vitamin C which help to loosen my dead skin. -Bonus: Helps exfoliate my lips especially small dry flakes Tl;dr: If your face is appearing more bumpy than usual, this can help make bumps appear smaller through gentle physical exfoliation. However, it takes a few hand scrubbing to ensure that no polymers stay on skin. Ingredients: water, glycerin, steartrimonium chloride, alcohol, carbomer, allantoin, lactic acid, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, camellia sinensis leaf extract, methylparaben, fragrance.

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