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a year ago

Update: okay, despite the color which could be way more neutral, I have to upgrade this to four stars because it's got a great design and is so damn easy to use ( unlike its sister thin pencil counterpart, which sucks). I'm using it almost every day at this point. I just wish they would tones down the red undertones a tad, then it would be perfect. ---- Design: 5 stars Formula: 4 stars Color: 1 star (why is it so hard to find neutral brown brow pencils?) I had previously purchased the (micro tip) Brow Stylist Definer in Dark Brunette. I had a couple issues with that pencil. One, it has a loose fitting cap, so the product kept drying out. I had to keep snapping the pencil off. Secondly, I found the color, though super neutral and ashy, to be too dark for the edges of my very dark brows. The Shape & Fill pencil looked a lot easier to use, and I thought I would also move down to the shade Brunette instead of Dark Brunette. This pencil has a tight fitting cap and an easy to use design (a triangle shaped tip). If everything else were as good as the design of this penvil, I would give it five stars. It seems to stay on a pretty long time and goes on _fairly_ smoothly (with just a minimal bit of clumping). Unfortunately, the Brunette color (415) is too warm / red toned, which is noticeable along the tail ends of my brows, where they are a little more sparse. Weirdly, I bought this at Target.com and even in their product photos of the packaging it says Brunette 420 instead of 415. It makes me wonder if they just changed the numbering system, or if there is another cool-toned version of the Brunette shade. I would think it's the former since it would be pretty confusing. (The L'Oreal web site is of no help.)

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a year ago

I have recently discovered these triangular-tip brow pencils after being introduced to one at the MAC counter. I love how easy to use they are for someone like me with a limited brow skill set. I've been searching for a drugstore dupe ever since, and I've tried them all, from Maybelline to Wet & Wild and everything in between. I have to say, this is the best of the bunch. It is so easy to use, and is fool-proof for creating a natural but polished and finished-looking brow with minimal effort. It is the perfect consistency - not too hard so that it drags, but not so soft so that it smears. I use the flat edge across the brow for general filling in (my brows are extremely sparse) and use the tip at the end very lightly to draw the tail. My only gripe is the color selection - I generally use a 'soft brown' in Maybelline and "Lingering" in the MAC pencil for my ash brown brows. I purchased the "Light Brunette" in this one but it appeared extremely red on me and looked very strange and unnatural. I tried "Dark Blonde" but it had an oddly greenish cast. I finally exchanged both for "Brunette" and it was a VERY dark neutral brown, but it was the best of the lot. I found that if I use a very light hand I'm able to get the look I'm going for, which is believably natural-looking brows.So I recommend this highly with the caveat that you are best to purchase it at a place where you can test it out first, or save your receipt and be sure your retailer has a good exchange policy.

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