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4 months ago

It's been a long time since I hated a product as much as this one. I like a lot of Dr. Dennis Gross products - the alpha beta peel pads provide the perfect amount of exfoliation without drying my skin out. I thought I'd try this cleanser to see if I could get some kind of exfoliating effect when I'm feeling particularly lazy to use the pads, which require a 2-step process. Immediately after I used this cleanser my skin looked dry and parched and about 10 years older. Not kidding here. My skin is used to exfoliation and actives, so it was surprising that this product could nonetheless have such a stripping effect. Even several days later, after applying a lot of moisturizer, my skin is still feeling a little tight and looking slightly patchy. I threw the product in the trash to make sure I never used it again, also something I've never done before. It seems to work for some, which is great, but probably it's best to buy it from a retailer that offers returns for used products.

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a year ago

This smells of pig fat or animal fat dripping, the smell made me retch so I could not use it. I passed this along. This was weird in that it didn't foam up it sort of slid around your face and when you added water it goes white but does not dissolve so it felt like scraping animal fat off my face. It really needs to dissolve quicker in water. This was just too hard and smell was too unpleasant. Pls try before you buy.

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2 years ago

I actually enjoy this cleanser. I purchased this because I had issues with milia and uneven skin texture, so after doing research on getting rid of milia, I learned that I needed an exfoliating cleanser to smooth out my skin. I went on the sephora app and eventually came across. What caught my attention was the reviews (5 stars) and its claim. Although I had my doubts, I gave it a try anyway. Fast forward to today, Ive only used about a quarter and Ive been using it for about 1.5 months, so I can say that I am very happy with my purchase. I've noticed the tiny bumps on my face has gone done significantly. Although they haven't disappeared, it definitely isnt apparant, which i personally think is impressive, as chemical and physical exfoliators werent enough to help with milia. I'm stil also amazed by how it removes makeup effectively, especially on glam days, and it doesnt irritate and dry out my skin. The only cons I have are that it isnt fragrance free and it doesnt have the ability to make my pores smaller and remove blackheads (although I dont think chemical cleansers alone can help with that). Despite the cons, I can look past them because it really evened out my skin tone. i definstely reccomend this for those with milia and/or uneven skin tone, who are not sensitive to fragrance, and to those with acne prone skin because of its ingredients.

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2 years ago

I got this at Sephora about a month ago. I had seen a Sali Hughs video interviewing Dr Dennis Gross and I found myself liking much of what he had to say. I encourage you to watch it yourself, he is a very good dermatologist. I really like the alpha beta peels, I have been using them for years. I have not tried any other of Dr. Gross' line, but after watching the video I stumbled on this cleanser somehow. The reviews on the Sephora site were not many but they were all good; no 1 or 2 stars, only one 3 star review. If you have read my reviews, cleanser concerns me the most. What drew me to this gel cleanser was the gentle detergents. They are not so commonly used any more but are fairly gentle. They are detergents all the same, however. I found this cleanser to be pretty unexciting. It made my skin a bit dry around my nostrils which I have never experienced before. It wasn't bad but it was a clearly a bit drying and perhaps would be more so over time, as this has been my experience. I doubt it will clear pores or any such thing, although I do believe cleansers with AHA and BHAs can be effective long-term. Its a very thick, clear gel that doesn't foam a lot, and smells kind of weird. I don't complain about the natural scents of cleansers (or even the chemical) but I do not like the smell of this cleanser. I avoid washing with it partly because of that. I will say, the pump is awesome. Thick, clear plastic, with a sturdy pump that allows you to control dispensing. I have tried using a tiny amount of this product to avoid the drying feeling but it isn't effective then. For $48 CAD it's very unexceptional.

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