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2 years ago

First - I will be ordering another Dual Sided Silicone Blender because one is not enough. Instructions / directions: Apply half of your usual amount of liquid product directly to silicone blender. Gently swipe product across the face, then bounce the silicone blender to even out the application. Use the flat side to buff to perfection. Follow the directions. I used too much product on blender or the normal amount I use daily. I did this three days in a row. Which required a "do-over", three days in a row. Seriously, follow the directions. e.l.f. silicone blender works and does not suck up foundation like a sponge. The silicone side is a smooth applicator and the reverse flocked side leaves your makeup application perfect. Keep in mind, I didn't use any powder on my face. I used a cream blush as highlighter.

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