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2 years ago

This was one of my very first purchases from Black Moon Cosmetics. There are many pros and cons to this palette. The pros of this palette are that the shadows are easy to pick up, blend, and very pigmented. There is some kickback and fallout if you are not careful while picking up the shadows. While they seem a bit hard in the pans, they are very soft on the eyes. The colors are so opaque and pigmented that it can be easy to go overboard with it. It is easy to accidentally create a dramatic look and making a softer look requires more patience and taking small amounts of shadow at a time to build up. My only complaints about the colors are that the pink shade (Strawberry) does not really show up well on my pale skin and does not seem to differ significantly from the base shade (New) if you are fair-skinned. My only other color complaint is that the shade New is actually more yellow than it appears in the pan and is not as neutral as it looks in pictures. Another pro is the packaging. The cover is beautiful, the shadows are well protected in the hard plastic, and while it is not a huge palette, the pans are all fairly large so you are getting a lot of product. My only real complaints about the palette are the price ($48) and that a warm-neutral palette is something that most makeup lovers will already own and have a tough time justifying purchasing from an indie brand. The colors are also easy to dupe. While the palette is not particularly original in its color choice, the shadows are high quality, do not fade, and blend well. The shadows are very long lasting on the eyes and even survived tears unscathed (when worn with a primer). I would consider repurchasing this palette sheerly because I think the shadow quality is excellent.

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2 years ago

I bought this palette the day it launched. I had been waiting for this palette to come out forever, and though I’m new to the Black Moon bandwagon, the colors really enticed me since I gravitate toward the colors that are in the Orb of Light palette. First off, this is BMC’s first shadow palette and contains 8 shades and retails for $48. The packaging is gorgeous, and though it’s been compared to KVD’s packaging, I think it still stands out on its own. The plastic half-circle shaped palette (which I find humor that it’s called Full Moon palette..) has raised holographic lettering in a stylistically beautiful font. The inside mirror is quite pretty. All the shades within the Orb of Light palette are matte, though the name of the palette would suggest otherwise (I really feel they missed the mark on naming this palette altogether). 7 of the shades are fanned out like rays of the sun and there is one giant half-circle shade in the center. The large center shade is “New”, a pale bone shade with a slight peach undertone. From left to right there is “Strawberry”, a pale peachy pink, “Cold” an ashy taupe, “Worm”, a deep mustard, “Harvest”, a deep rusty orange, “Blood”, a brick cranberry, “Wolf” an ashy deep chocolate, and “Black” (creative) an inky kohl black. Unfortunately, I don’t really love the formula of these shadows and I really dislike that such a basic shade (New) is so freaking large. I find the shadows themselves to be decently pigmented, but very dry and powdery. Personally, I find the shadows difficult to work with and difficult to blend out. They tend to look patchy or muddy as you try to blend. This is in part formulation and in part due to the shades themselves. Getting a gradiation on these shadows is immensely difficult while keeping the integrity of the shades intact. I think Strawberry sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn’t make sense in this palette. I wish there were just one brown shade instead of two and I really could have done without the black and New when all is said and done. I really wish I loved this palette more than I do, but I basically never use it. I really tried to get it to work for me with all kinds of different techniques. Sometimes I’ll reach for either the mustard, orange, and red for some looks (but usually I use the more vivid and easier to blend similar color is the Lime Crime Venus 2)...but mostly this beautiful, rather expensive palette just sits there. I like other products by BMC, but this palette is a let down.

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