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a year ago

When I saw this at Sephora I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately when I bought it and started using it I was very disappointed. The colors are very sheer and almost invisible. When I pay almost $50 for an eyeshadow, I would hope that it works. The blushes are very delicate and can break easily so you need to be careful. They are also quite pigmented so if you use too much you'll end up looking like a clown. Not the best palette that UD has come out with.

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2 years ago

So far, I guess I’m the only one who loves this palette. The eyeshadows are soft and pretty. Yes, they are not very pigmented and have to be built up, but my mature lids look better in sheer colors. The darker eyeshadows are more pigmented. All wear all day without creasing with my WnW primer. As for the blushes and highlighters, I love them, as well. They work well with my skin tone, and last all day without fading. I’m disappointed that this is LE. I’m sure I’ll pan this palette, and I’ll miss it. For reference, I’m 51, NC20 leaning neutral, with dark brown eyes and hair.

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2 years ago

So I’m really into Urban Decay right now! I was so mad waiting for UD to get in this palette .it’s been OOS for awhile & Sephora was only place who stocked it online + I won’t order anything from Sephora.com so I did Ebay (no telling if it’s fake but it seems okay quality but for $59 I expected a bit more. The shadows are a bit chalky, the blushes don’t blend it’s an okay palette I wish I knew if mine was definitely a fake. Seller was rude & wouldn’t tell me where she got it. I’ll never know bcoz I refuse to msg her. I don’t care. The palette isn’t as good as most of the other stellar Urban Decay products I would prob buy this palette again from UD if I lost or broke it somehow, but backtalk is 1 of my fave UD lipsticks that & 1993. So I had to have this palette. This is my first real mini disappointment from UD. But 50/50 it’s a good super fake (?) It’s passable. But $59 is a lot of money. My most expensive UD item!! That woman better not have sold me a super fake & that is why it’s patchy & not blending it does not swatch good on my arm but looks decent on my face. Meh. Giving this a 5 because it looks good on my face for doing a plummy smoky eye w my fave lipstick! 5/5 overall 4/5 price 4/5 packaging because the mirror should be attached like in Naked Shiftshaper palette not just hanging out loose. It bugs me to set it down then I misplace it. Also it needs a couple brushes! If this is a superfake & that ring don’t shine ...I’ll go back to the jeweler who sold it to me & make her eat every karat don’t ef with Val!! (“Mockingbird” by Eminem lol)

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2 years ago

so I love Urban Decay , usually they have amazing shadows, I own 6 palettes by then so when this was released I knew I needed it. what a disappointed girl I am . I feel like they changed the shadow formulation. its chalky, it falls apart ,fallout is bad ,and glitter is chunky. the pigmentation is not the usual urban decay quality. you really have to build it . biggest thing for me is it irritates my eyes !!! they get itchy and sore and water like crazy !!! took a break eyes stopped watering, used it again last night, irritation city . its a shame because I love the colors !!! bottom line, don't waste your money on this one. and if it's your first palette from UD dont worry the rest are not like this one .

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2 years ago

**UPDATE 3/22/18** After testing several times, I lowered my rating of this palette. The face/cheek colors were powdery/chalky and didn't blend well. The eyeshadows were mostly just okay compared to eyeshadows I already own i.e. MAC, MUG, and ABH. The colors are pretty but I had dupes for most of them that I liked better. Honestly, the quality is better in UD palettes like Naked Heat and the original Naked and many of their singles. All of my swatches were over cream shadow/primer, so I don't think these shadows would do very well on bare skin. HTH! ************************************************** I decided to apply them over MAC Painterly because that's how I apply all of my eyeshadow. As you can see (or rather, can't see), 3 Sheets barely showed up despite a very heavy swatch. Hopefully it'll show up better since my face is lighter than my hands, but we'll see. Backtalk has a REALLY pretty MAC Girlie/MUG Cupcake vibe going. It's a bit powdery and stiff but builds up well. Girlie is one of my hands down faves, so I can't wait to use Backtalk. Bare and Curve are very pretty but are a bit lacking in the pigmentation department, so they need to be built up. Shade is gorgeous!!! I think it might be my favorite! My pics don't do it justice! It's almost like MAC Extra Dimension Stylish Merry (the original, not the Christmas version that sold out in 2 seconds) in both color and feel. Attitude is gorgeous, kind of multi-dimensional as well. WTF is your standard boring matte brown. I don't really feel it works very well in this palette but it'll be a workhorse to go with lots of other colors. I was really shocked at 180 applied vs. in the pan. It's SO pretty! It's a bit of a purpley bronze that I just couldnt capture in my pictures. It has great payoff and buttery texture. Overall, I love this palette and think I'll reach for it often. I am not a fan of non-metal palettes though and the way the mirror isn't connected could lead to dropping. One last thing: if you like the color of the Backtalk lipstick but aren't a fan of mattes, try Rapture. It's amazeballs! https://img.makeupalley.com/6/3/1/5/3381512.JPG https://img.makeupalley.com/6/3/1/5/3381513.JPG https://img.makeupalley.com/6/3/1/5/3381514.JPG

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