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3 months ago

Okay here is the deal, if you have an excessively oily skin type or just prefer a setting powder with a VERY matte finish then I can say with certainty that you will probably love this. My local Ulta recently began carrying this brand and I was curious about this powder because I had heard good reviews. This product seemingly has everything going for it like being from a cruelty-free, vegan and black owned indie brand who also happens to have a super cute aesthetic. Not only am I a beauty and cosmetics junkie I'm a cooking enthusiast so the concept of the packaging appealed to me. However, I just turned 26 this year and I feel like I hit that age when one should maybe become a little more thoughtful about products and if they actually flatter skin. Concealers and setting powders definitely fall into that category. As a result I have begun paying more attention to my under eye area and that includes using an eye serum+eye cream. My verdict on the Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder is that it does apply smoothly but is entirely too dry and matte for setting my concealer. I test drove this alongside my current favorite Charlotte Tilbury Genius Magic Powder and the most noticeable difference was the fact that Beauty Bakerie zapped away any moisture from my eye area and made me look so goddamned DRY. Personally I ended up returning this but perhaps it's a wonderful setting powder for teenage girls or women who constantly battle oily skin. (P.S) With regards to the drama between Beauty Bakerie and Huda Beauty I really have no opinion nor care about all the nonsense within the beauty community but I will say I prefer Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder. It's a superior setting powder IMO.

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7 months ago

A Holy Grail! What a Fantastic Product! Firstly, let's describe the packaging. It comes in a cute little Paper Bag like Flour you would buy at the Grocery Store, so innovative. Open it up and you get 14 Grams of alot of Product. This sets Perfectly over your Favorite Concealer for a Total Flawless, Porcelain Finish. It does not Cake or Crease and stays put throughout the day. It soaks up the oils in the skin so well that I don't have to worry about Touch Ups. I bought Oat which is Translucent and I'm very curious at what the other Colors can do. I have never Recieved such a Perfect Result and will Continue to Purchase this Product. I Highly Recommend this Product and can't get over the adorable Packaging. Beauty Bakerie just won me over! A+++

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a year ago

My holy grail! This powder works so amazingly at blurring and smoothening out my face! I have the transclucent one. It worked better than my previous powder (Too Faced Ethereal Setting Powder) and I was honestly left very shookt at how flawless my undereyes were! I reach for this powder so much even though I still have other powders.

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2 years ago

This powder is available in four shades: translucent, pink, yellow and brown. This review is for the pink version. I pretty much got it because the translucent version was sold out, and as someone with fair skin with pink undertones, I figured I couldn't go wrong with a pink tinted powder. When it arrived, I was quite shocked at exactly how brightly pink it was, and I was a bit worried that it'd turn me really pink. It didn't though, but it did brighten up my skin considerably. I do use a light hand with powders overall, though, so if you're someone who really packs it on (and perhaps like to bake) I can't guarantee it won't show up pink. I've been using Laura Mercier's translucent loose powder for a long time, and I really adore it, so I can't help but compare the two. So here we go: Beauty Bakerie's powder is more matte than LM, and not as dense. One of the things I really love about LM's loose powder is how it looks satin and not powdery matte on the skin, and initially I found BB's powder to look sort of dry and powdery. However, that goes away after a while when the powder has had time to sort of melt into the skin a bit. If you're using setting spray on the daily (I don't) that'll probably help, too. I also noticed how well BB's powder kept my t-zone from getting oily. I'm extremely impressed by that. My favourite everyday foundation (Lumene's Blur foundation) looks amazing, but usually start to break down in my t-zone after a few hours. Paired with this powder it lasted for 8+ hours without looking oily or breaking down at all! When I had LM's powder I used it on my under eye area without problem, but this powder makes it look very dry. It's a shame, because its brightening effect could be good for under the eyes. I don't love having to use a separate powder for setting my concealer, but I happened to have purchased E.l.f.'s high definition under eye setting powder on a whim just before I bought this powder, so that worked out okay in the end. The price is pretty up there. For 14g you have to shell out $24 (compared to Laura Mercier's powder which is $38 for 29g). On the other hand, this is an indie brand that make their product in smaller batches, so that's going to affect the price point, too. The packaging is really pretty, and the little "flour bag" it comes in is a very cute detail. Love the branding, overall! My one complaint about the packaging is the sifter - a lot more powder than you need comes spilling out even if you're careful. If you travel with it, most of the powder is going to be in the upper "compartment" when you open it up. If I were to repurchase, which I'm not opposed to but also not running out to do, I would try the translucent shade next time. + Cruelty free + Combats oils and makes certain foundation wear a lot longer + Finely milled and lightweight + Brightening + Cute packaging (if a little plastic-y) - Pink version contains carmine (but the other three shades are vegan!) - It doesn't make the skin look as flawless as the Laura Mercier powder - Can look a little dry and powdery upon application - Looks very dry and unflattering in the under eye area

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