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5 months ago

I love this product. It has a pasty but smooth texture, and the trademark Moroccanoil scent, which dissipates quickly soon after application. I like that it serves multiple purposes for my long, fine, color-treated hair. I use it to add a little weight to my ends, which are prone to looking frizzy. With an amount that's about the size of a grain of rice on my fingers, I lightly touch the ends of my hair, which adds some weight and tames the frizz. It also gives a slightly piece-y look when I twist segments of my hair with a small amount on my fingers. I have to be careful not to use too much or else it can make hair look a little limp. There is so much product in here that it has lasted well over two years! I think it's a great product with a pretty reasonable price tag given the amount of product and how far it goes.

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2 years ago

<b><i>My Hair</i></b> - Short and shaggy/piecy razored style, longer on the crown and short around along the neck. Straight hair. Hair texture is fine, not heavy.<br> <b><i>Product and Usage</i></b> - I really like this Texture Clay. It's an off-putting pale grey-beige (think, very dingy antique white) in the tub, but it's surprisingly creamy and not hard for something that feels rather dry. I can either scrape out a pea-sized amount with the back of a fingernail then rub it between my fingertips, or just rub my fingertips in the tub for a smaller amount like for detail work. Can be applied to slightly damp hair for some general hold and control. Applied to dry hair, it provides really good texture and touchable hold on my fine hair - I can run it through my hair for general styling (and cowlick control) but I can also use it on the ends for a more piecy look. My hair doesn't turn greasy or limp by the end of the day. Releases a light floral aroma when applied but it dissipates after a few minutes.<br> <b><i>Packaging</i></b> - Teal tub, wide and flat. Easy for swiping fingertips across the product surface. Lid has a satisfying click when it fully closes.<br> <b><i>Comparisons</i></b> - Quite similar to Living Proof Molding Clay, but the Texture Clay feels drier and stiffer and provides slightly better hold (and it's a better value - more product for the same price and I use less also). Also similar to Drybar Whiskey Fix, but with more noticeable hold and texture.<br> <b><i>Overall</i></b> - Finally, a product I want to stick with! I should also note that my haircut always looks terrible after I've slept on it (unruly cowlicks and faux hawks typically) - but if I have Texture Clay in my hair before bed, I actually wake up looking presentable (well, my hair anyway)... so that's something!

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