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13 days ago

I use this as a base coat instead of a nail treatment, so I noticed zero difference in terms of strengthening and conditioning of my nails. As a base coat it works just okay, dries fast but doesn't prevent chipping. Also it doesn't prevent my nails from being stained, which is what I look for mainly from a bast coat, yellowing of nails would still happen from frequent polish use.

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4 months ago

This is HG stuff. It works well on its own as a treatment and subtle but nice clear coat, or under nail polish. (I usually put another base coat on top, because it's quite thin.) It is super strong and prevents damage, chips and splitting really well. I've actually used it to hold a partially cut nail together a week while travelling, and it did a great job (better than the stuff a manicurist tried). I use it a lot, and it does seem to make my nails stronger over time

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2 years ago

Essie Millionails is a base coat/treatment. It combines strengthening ingredients with a protective fiber shield, according to the label. The fibers are not noticeable. Millionails has a shiny finish. It's translucent white in the bottle and goes on clear. It dries very quickly. The brush is thin. If used alone, two coats are recommended, or one coat as a base coat. I used one coat as a base coat. It didn't strengthen my thin, weak nails. After using it for three weekly manicures, five nails broke.

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