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2 years ago

For the price, this palette is pretty good! It is a touch oily and I found no use for some of the colours like the pink and blue, which I didn't know what to do with and just had to bin the palette after using the other colours because of this. The formula blends well, is not detectable under foundation, and did a good job of concealing my troublesome acne and eczema. Well worth a try!

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2 years ago

A respectable effort by Sleek to create an affordable colour correcting concealer palette, but unfortunately didn't suit my skin tone or type. There are 6 separate concealer pans in this, with colours as seen in the picture, and a mirror on the underside of the lid. The case is sturdy and closes securely, I've never had an issue with it coming apart and letting all manner of contaminants in to get stuck in the concealers. It comes sold in an outer cardboard covering with the shades listed on the back and what they're for, explaining the green for redness, lilac for dull/sallow areas, and orange and yellow for blue toned dark undereye circles. Forgot what it said about the blue and pink ones. They are quite oily in consistency, this makes them easier to spread and blend and not just sit there like some bright green paste on your face, but as my skin gets very oily on my t-zone & undereyes, it won't stay in place and settles into crease lines. The other issue is that the orange shade isn't peachy enough to conceal my dark circles, and the pink is so light that it won't really mix to the salmon pink/apricot shade I need. Not that it would really help as this product just slides down over the day as it's so oily and collects into crease lines anyway. For similar reasons, the minty green one also doesn't agree with the red areas of my skin as they're in the t-zone, the oiliest parts. Wouldn't recommend for others with oily skin.

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2 years ago

I bought this last second because my dark circles were just *too* visible under my new foundation and I was 100% surprised at how amazing it was. All the Sleek products i've tried so far have been sort of average-good but this one is genuinely great. The colours are very pastel so I really don't know if people with darker skin tones will be able to use it well, but for fair skin it's fabulous. I have used colour correcting palettes on the cheaper end before and they seemed almost 'waxy' and hard to handle but this one is really creamy. I mostly use my fingers to apply but I'll use a beauty blender for under my eyes.The pigmentation is very impressive- I suffer from mild-moderate redness on my cheeks and the green just melts into the skin and totally covers it without looking to 'greyed out'. I use the pink under my eyes and I've totally stopped using my NARS concealer because it just covers the deep tones so well (The yellow is also used for that, but personally yellow doesn't work with my skin tone very well. Most people mix 'em to create a salmon tone). I would have thought the creamy, maybe a little oily feeling texture would mean it would make foundation slide right off my nose. Thankfully I was wrong! If you have overall *very* oily skin though, I am not so sure this would work very well for you. At the price though it still might be worth a shot. Comes with a lovely big mirror and the usual Sleek sturdy black packaging, with a little clear covering for the product. The instructions are BRILLIANT for beginners- I had no idea whatsoever what blue could be used for (freckles!) despite using colour correcting products for about quite some time. Figured I had a couple of odd 'spots' on my face had since childhood that are around the same shade, the blue covered them a treat. I've never EVER been able to cover them properly, even with concealer. The more you know!

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