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Package Quality: 5.0

Price: $$$$

Package Quality: 5.0

Price: $$$$


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Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

The reason I bought this is my wish to have french-model-off-duty hair. I love a good bed head hair, which has a laid back and easy vibe.

Kind of hard to archieve when you have fine but many hair that tends to lie flat because of oily roots. Sounds funny, but I struggle with styling because my hair is too soft and healthy to hold any style. I had it cut to collarbone-lenght and sliced at the ends to get a tousled look, but there´s no chance for me to get that look without styling products.

I tried bumble and Bumble´s Dryspun Finish, which was sorely disappointing and way too expensive.

I stumbled upon this product as I searched through Anh Co Tran´s Instagram. If you know his style, you know he does the so-called "lived in hair" with a lot of slicing and pointed cuts plus tousled hair.

I was curious, which products he used to style his cuts and turns out, he uses Next Day Hair. Honestly, I never used a L´Oreal Hairstyling product before and the brand never crossed my mind as a good brand for hairstyling product.

Boy, was I wrong. I bought a can of this magical stuff on Amazon for 17 Euros and found THE product for my fine limp hair. I´ve gone through several can of this already and I never used a hairstyling product like that.

The spray is a mixture of texturizing spray with a hint of dry shampoo. L´Oreal describes it as texturizing micropowder.

Now, as someone who hates dry shampoo, I can say that this is the best of both worlds. It gives my hair incredible texture, a matte finish and a decent amount of volume. It´s not a styling product that gives you tons of volume, but for me, it provides enough volume to make my hair look good.

I can spray this very liberally on my hair and never have to worry about my hair getting weighed down or being sticky. Some hairstyling products can be a little tricky and you have to watch, how much of the product you use, but this is a no-brainer for me. It also doesn´t smell nasty, overwhelming or too chemical as some products do.

I use this only on dry hair, never on wet hair.

I sometimes pair it with Bumble and Bumble Texture, which is also my HG hairstyling product. I first spray the Next Day Hair all over my hair and then add a tiny bit of Texture to my ends or the roots. In comparison, the B&B Texture Undressing Cream can be used on wet hair too and provides more grip and hold for the hair as the Next Day Hair spray. Texture is a texturizing cream while Next Day Hair is a micropowder spray, so the compliment each other and can be used separately or together. You might prep your hair with Texture on wet hair and after blowdrying your hair, you can give it a nice finish with Next Day Hair.

It really brings out the texture of my sliced and pointed haircut and as a bonus, it prevents my oily hair from getting too flat. If I use this, I can braid my hair the next day although I usually have to wash my hair every day.

The good thing is that you can re-activate the product throughout the day by tousling your hair with your hands. Ther hair just holds the texture and is not soft and lifeless.

When you do hairstyles like braids, updos etc, this does a good job in providing enough grip in my hair to make the hairstyles work.

I also appreciate that I can run my hands through my hair when I wear it open and not have sticky and stiff hair. It does add texture and hold, but without making your hair feeling bad.

My hair looks definitely better with this as a styling product and I get my Alexa-Chung-tousled-french-hair look with beachy hair vibes.

I would definitely recommend this to people with oily, soft, fine hair. I don´t know how people with dry, wavy or thick hair might feel about this, but on my hair this does an awesome job in giving me a glamourous undone look.

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