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3 months ago

Smells great, the coconut scent will also linger in your hair and this doesn't leave any white ressidue. But when I spray this, and go true my hair with my fingers to rub it in, it feels a little wet? I also find that during the day this leaves my hair greasy and the next day I really need to wash my hair straight away because it looks gross. Would not repurchase my favorite drugstore dry shampoo is Got2B fresh it up.

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SkinDry, Fair-Medium, Warm

HairBlond, Straight, Medium


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7 months ago

This is such an underrated gem. I tried this because I was tired of other dry shampoos making me hair crunchy and I’m so glad I did. The smell is so amazing. It smells just like coconuts but it’s not a gross overpowering synthetic smell. Your hair looks revived and oil free after using this and so far there’s no crunch to my hair. It looks as if your hair has been freshly washed. I use this in between washes when my hair is oily and I don’t have time to wash it. I would totally recommend this.

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SkinCombination, Olive, Warm

HairBlack, Wavy, Fine


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2 years ago

I use dry shampoo exclusively for my bangs. I have naturally very curly, dry hair, but since I flat iron my bangs and also unconsciously mess with them a lot they tend to get greasy before the rest of my hair. What I'm looking for in a dry shampoo is to tie me over one more day before I wash my hair and to give a little texture, without it leaving the gross residue that some dry shampoos do. And of course the less white cast it creates, the better. This one actually leaves less white cast (next to nothing really, on my reddish brown hair) than other dry shampoos that specifically states that they are invisible, without such a claim. Hats off to Lee Stafford for that. The scent is strong with this one, but I do think it smells very good. A strong coconut scent, as the name not to subtly hints at - very summer-y. Not for those who want their dry shampoos to be discreet in its scent. I think it refreshes the hair very nicely for at least a day - I can't tell you how well it works when used two or more days in a row, since I personally never use it more than one day at a time. Pleased with the result, and I may very well repurchase it in the future. I think it's a good cruelty free alternative to Batiste, whose status seems to be questionable, with reports of them selling in China despite claiming to be CF. The price is about the same as Batiste, too, in other words, quite affordable. + Cruelty free + Vegan (not all of the brand's products are, but a decent amount still is) + Reasonably priced + Smells deliciously of coconut + Leaves very, very little white cast on hair and is essentially invisible if brushed out - The scent could be a bit more discreet to be honest

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SkinAcne-prone, Fair, Cool

HairBrunette, Curly, Medium


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