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7 months ago

this has definitely been my go to hair product for a little while now. i have short and curly hair which can look messy and frizzy during hot/humid days. a lot of creams, mouses and lotions for hair leave my hair feeling crunchy, oily and stiff. however this lotion doesnt do that, at least as long as i dont over do it. it helps to contain frizz and helps to keep them looking soft and bouncy. it also does treat your hair with the oils and ingredients overtime to help improve the health and texture so it wont harm it like some products might. it smells really nice and refreshing which will last throughout the day but its not an overly strong scent and thats one of my favourite things about it because i love it when my hair products and such smell good without being too intense of a smell.

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SkinVery Dry, Fair, Neutral

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2 years ago

I have thick 2C/3A hair that loves to frizz out and tangle. I've been using sulphate free shampoo (sparingly) and silicone free conditioner (generously) for quite some time, but I've always been on the hunt for a leave-in treatment. I recently cut my hair short, so finding something that would give my curls more control became a priority. I did some research and settled on this product to see what it would do. This is a cream product that touts "6 precious oils" to help nourish hair. Honestly? I believe it. My hair has never been this soft in my life. I used to wash my hair every 5-ish days, and condition every other day. With this curl cream, I wash and condition, run a chickpea-sized amount of the cream through my wet hair with my fingers, then part my hair, and let it dry - this usually gives me 4-5 days before I have to wash/condition again. On the 3rd day, I sometimes have to apply a pea-sized amount of cream to the top layer of my hair, but otherwise, I just run a wide-toothed comb through it in the shower, and let my hair it do it's thing. This cream doesn't weigh down my hair or leave it feeling greasy at all. There is also no "crunchy feeling" that you sometimes get with other curl creams. The scent is perfumy, but mild, and goes away pretty quickly. ***** Edited to add ***** I've been using this for over a month now, and I'm finding that I'm needing to use it less and less. After a normal shampoo/condition, my hair is still super soft, and I can leave it to dry on it's own - I have minimal frizz, and my curls are still bouncy and soft. Now I'm only applying a chickpea-sized amount of the cream once per week. I'm even finding that I need to condition my hair less often. Where has this been all my life?!

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HairBrunette, Curly, Coarse