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a year ago

Love this matte palette. The colors are really pigmented and they blend very well! There’s definitely fallout but it doesn’t crease. SOME of the colors seemed weaker but to be honest I think it was my primer that made it hard to blend.

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SkinSensitive, Fair, Warm

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2 years ago

I bought this palette because of the range color, has cool, neutral and some warm colors which is great for people who want variety, every eye shadow is matte as the name of the palette says and is great pigmented, this are blendable and stay in my eyes all day, I always use primer so consider that, the days I use this palette i love it, it has the lightest shade and the darkest shade, a lot of transition colors and really nice brilliant colors. Is perfect for everyday, travel or special occasions. You can work easily with it and create so many looks that just blow my mind, it has some fall out but nothing that can freak you out. Totally recommend it!

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2 years ago

I purchased this with little hope of it being good. Mattes are my favorite eyeshadow and they seem to be the hardest to get right. This palette offers a variety of matte colors. There's neutrals and brights. A couple of them are satin, not matte. The packaging is fairly cheap, nothing special but still functional. I do like the clear lid tho. I like being able to see the colors without opening the palette. Now onto the quality. These shadows are soft and creamy to the touch. Pigmentation is good, not great, but impressive for the price. There is some kickback due to the softness of the powder. Minimal fallout when applying. These shadows blend easily enough but do require a little effort. A few colors require building to get the color in the pan. Overall, I'm impressed and glad to have this in my collection. These mattes are miles ahead of most mattes in the same price range. I love the variety in colors too. If you need a good matte palette this one is worth a try. I enjoy it quite a bit.

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SkinCombination, Fair-Medium, Warm

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3 years ago

These eyshadows have a lot of kickup (as you will notice in one picture) you cant drag your brush through or you will waste quite a bit. This is definitely an eyeshadow NOT for beginners as you really have to work with it to get it to work for you lol. There is transfer if not set properly.(I recommend always using an eyeshadow primer then setting after application is finished) Skipping if you blend to hard. The package is pastic with a semi frosted type cover which clicks down. I'm not sure if I got a bad closure or a really good closure as I cant open it with my hands. I have to use a pair of tweezers to disengage the closure mechanism. There are no labels to the colors. 28 Matte colors for a total of 39 Grams of products making each pan approx. 1.39 grams each. The wells that each pan is glued into is a flimsy piece of plastic that I plan to remove after to reuse the palette (barring that I haven't broken the closure from the way I have to open I'm not sure if you can notice from the picture but the top row 6th from left eyeshadow is actually a shimmer. Its obviously not supposed to be probably just an error while putting the pallete together. I really don't care enough about it to contact the company but wanted to make other consumers aware. I will update this if I feel more should be added. UPDATE: After working with these shadows for a few months I have a more positive opinion of them. Don't get me wrong these shadows still need you to work with them but I have grown accustomed to it and there is a decent color payoff so they deserve a chance. The closure I can now also open by hand. I guess I broke it in without actually breaking it. There is still skipping also if your not careful but I have found that with a little alteration in my application method this problem has all but disappeared. The amount of looks you can come up with for this palette are never ending. I'm pretty impressed with bh so I have placed another order for a dozen or so items I look forward to reviewing.

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