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3 years ago

Possibly the worst self tanner I have used. I am a veteran self tanner and use the Sienna X mouse with no problems at all and decided to try the one hour tan. It is very watery it goes on ok but left me patchy and with a real orange tinge. It washes of terribly leaving you with those unsightly patches that look like a skin condition and after a week of scrubbing I still have orange patches on my feet so am having to avoid wearingsandals . Like I already said the mouse leaves me a nice natural brown and washes off evenlyI will definitely but it again but the 1 hour tan I've used it twice now and unfortunately I will not use it again I will use my cheap St Moritz as it's a million times better than the 1 hour tan until I get paid and can buy the mouse again.

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Styles change quickly in the beauty world, but something you can always count...

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