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10 months ago

So far, I'm the first person with dry skin to review this spray, and I'm also the first to love it. Coincidence? I think not. I'm pretty much addicted to hydrating sprays, and I've tried lots of them. This is probably the most hydrating and it is slightly sticky, which I need. If it all evaporates away, then so does the hydration. If you don't have dry skin, you don't need or want this. I also notice that most people reviewed a sample size. I bought the full size, and I've had no problem with the mist or application. I use it on bare skin and on top of my makeup. It imparts a noticeable radiance, but it is not too shiny. It gives me a healthy, hydrated glow with a very light, refreshing scent, and I love it!

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a year ago

This skin mist was included as part of a holiday gift set I purchased last year. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan. The mist is incredibly fine, but doesn't feel like it does much. A spray bottle of finely misted water would be about the same. It claims it's packed with antioxidants and delivers luminosity, but you could have fooled me. It's very expensive for a spray that feels like it does nothing. I am a fan of refreshing sprays to use to help refresh me on long days, but this just doesn't cut it. It's unfortunate because I like a lot of Tarte products and expected more from them.

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2 years ago

I purchased Tarte's Ready, Set, Radiant Skin Mist a couple of weeks ago because it was on sale at the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Event and I thought I'd give it a go. I've been using it on a regular daily basis and honestly, I don't really see that this product actually even DOES anything. I've tried it before full face makeup application...didn't see any difference in the way my makeup applied. Tried it after applying my makeup, didn't really see a "dewy finish" and it didn't make my makeup last any longer than usual. I tried it the last two weekends just as a pick me up during the day a few times here and there on a bare face, didn't really see that my face looked any brighter or any different. Overall, I would consider this to be a luxury item if you mindlessly enjoy spraying some cucumber and herbal smelling water on your face, LOL! I don't, particularly. I actually kinda enjoy the fragrance and don't feel too gypped because I only paid $15. Once I use the bottle up though I would definitely NOT repurchase this even if it was on sale. It's just a useless product that's taking up space in my bathroom cabinet. Meh.

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2 years ago

I don't use this mist with makeup; I only use it on bare skin for hydration when working at home, especially with the heater on. I'd been using another pricey spray that was great for hydration, but it had a sour lavender scent and only came in a 1oz bottle, so when I received this in a Tarte sample set I fell in love! I ordered the 2.5oz full size to not only save money, but have something I enjoy smelling vs waiting for the scent to dissipate. It feels great on my skin and has such a refreshing scent. I'm not terribly pleased with the excessive ingredient list, but my sensitive skin doesn't react, so it's not a dealbreaker. This is definitely not a must have, nor would I ever want to use it with makeup, it's simply a little luxury for me and a pick me up to use throughout the day.

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2 years ago

I didn't know it was possible for me to hate a setting spray but Tarte proved me wrong. I'm surprised there's only one review denouncing this, it's awful quality. Based on the ingredient list, I'll be considering this a SETTING spray and not a fixing spray (because it does not have alcohol as a main ingredient). For those who are unaware of the difference, a setting spray basically meshes all your layers of makeup into one and helps make it look more natural. It is not supposed to extend wear time, nor make it water/transfer proof (that's what a fixing spray is supposed to do, but because they contain alcohol they can dry your skin and not look as nice). Don't believe for a second what the product is named - it all comes down to the ingredient list as makeup companies think most customers don't know or care so they label them differently. For instance, Urban Decay Setting Spray is actually a fixing spray, and MAC Fix + is actually a setting spray. Anyway I've tried heaps of setting sprays and apart from the nozzle and scent, they all performed identically. My HG is the Mario Badescu cucumber spray because it's one of the cheapest, but has easily the best nozzle. I think MAC Fix + is very overpriced and overhyped for something so basic with such a crap nozzle, but it still worked. This Tarte spray sucks big time. I have the smaller size and I agree with the other user about it seeming to spray in a donut shape so your face doesn't catch much. I also find that the chemical smell of this is so strong that if I accidentally breathe it in (which is extremely easy to do since it goes everywhere) then it burns my nostrils. Actually burns, I'm not just exaggerating things because I'm trying to say I don't like the smell. What I hate most is how it turns my powder foundations orange. I always have that happen to some extent with setting sprays, but I'm Chinese and have strong yellow tones so it's usually fine if I dust a translucent powder on top. This however is an awful shade of peach orange across all powders. It's less harsh on liquid foundations so I can make that work. Because it sprays so unevenly, my foundation ends up uneven colours with uneven texture. I find it also leaves my skin very tacky and thick feeling. Like I just slathered on two layers of full coverage liquid foundation with my hands thick. One trick of mine is to apply mascara directly after applying setting spray because it prevents any clumping, fans your lashes out wonderfully and doesn't affect wear time. This is difficult to achieve with this spray because it is so heavy. A single spray can sometimes cause my eyeshadow to run down in tiny rivers, ruining it, even though I can spray other setting sprays five times and never have that issue. It's a bit hard to work around too because of how unpredictable the nozzle is. You know how with heavier perfumes you're supposed to spray it in the air and then walk through it (so it's not overpowering), and you can sometimes feel the droplets? A single spray of this is 3x as thick as walking through three sprays of Elizabeth Arden Red Door, which is infamously heavy. And the walking through part is an accident, because it goes everywhere but you'll still experience this every time you do your make up if you're standing in front of a bathroom mirror. There is absolutely no redeeming factor for this spray. I've honestly been trying to think of one and I can't. It has a suffocating synthetic scent, ruins the colour of your makeup, ruins the texture of your makeup, and the nozzle is so bad that you can't fill it with a better spray. I haven't tried it to foil eyeshadow yet but I mean, water works just fine and this stuff is so thick and chemical smelling/burning that I don't want to apply it on my eyes. For the record, I have dry/combination skin.

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3 years ago

It's a limited edition so I don't know if they will make this product something permanent... The first thing I didn't like about it is the nozzle: very very mediocre, leaning towards awful... very MEH. The distribution is very interesting, it spreads around your face and leaves a hole in the middle...kinda like a doughnut shape but in mist form....confused? me too. I made everybody in my office try it and they all said that they felt like the product did not hit the middle of their faces. So we had to do the hair spray motion...multiple spritz and shake your face... oh and you have to really press the nozzle down hard to get a good amount of product going through the tube and out of the nozzle...and even then the mist is not fine...UGHHHHH!!!!! Splotches ALERTTT!!! The product itself gives a dewy effect on the skin, I used it as setting spray and a skin refresher during the day...I have oily/combo skin so too much of this stuff I'll look like a disco ball. The texture on the skin is sticky, dewy and smells a bit too botanic-y for my taste...in a chemical way...and if you get on furniture you can feel the stickiness and a bit of sliminess. Dry skin people might love it, it keeps your skint moist for the most part. Oily/Combo skin people....not so much, apply with cautions.

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