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2 years ago

I usually use Plump for Joy in combination with NYM Clean Freak to give a little extra volume on my non-wash days, especially when I wear my hair wavy. It doesn't add a ton of volume, but it is very lightweight, so it doesn't reduce the volume that's already there. I like this a lot to give my hair a little bit of grab or texture to hold onto the style, if that makes sense. I use it more in the lengths of my hair with Clean Freak nearer the scalp to help hold or revive the wave that I lose while sleeping. The scent is nice and fresh, but it doesn't last very long, which to me is a plus. I probably couldn't get away with using this as my only dry shampoo as I don't find that it controls oil as well as the Clean Freak, but it is a solid product that I will repurchase when I finish off the can that I have.

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2 years ago

Easy to use; works well; no harsh smell and it's not expensive.

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3 years ago

Like every other woman on the planet, I have what I call, "my holy grail of products" & very few items have made it onto this list. They are the items I have finished multiple containers of and repeat purchase, it's not a long list, so the items there are the best I've ever used. This dry shampoo, Not Your Mother's Plump for Joy body building Dry shampoo is one of those items. I've used MANY dry shampoos and liked a lot of them, a few were great, but the price...Oscar Blandi, yikes, it's expensive & I wasn't in love with the method of use, the powder for a tip. (You lose a lot like that.) There's Living Proof's PHD dry shampoo, great, works well, but I ran out using the largest size they sell almost constantly & the price while not terrible, it adds up if you're replacing it several times a month. I tried cheaper versions, Suave's TreSeme & no, I'll never do that again, both felt really wet & had no effect except bad. I was pleasantly surprised by Batiste dry shampoo, good price and readily available most places to purchase, from Walmart to Target, Marshalls to TJMaxx, Ulta and beyond, but, some of the scents were annoying & is really like it if they had a vivid red to match OUR HAIR, like they have for brunettes. I've tried a handful of others, but never hit on one that had the "total package", meaning performance, scent & a price that would've murder my wallet, I'm between jobs right now, so I need to conserve. :) I've tried the other Not Your Mother's dry shampoo, I think it's called Clean Freak, in a similar pacakage but green lettering instead of the purple for Plump for Joy, other than the color lettering, they are identical in size and shape. Except the product inside...I found the clean freak version (??? Think that's the name???) underwhelming, it didn't seem to do much and my hair suffered white powder it seemed no matter how much I shook the can prior to application, but Plump For Joy is a whole new animal. It's a body building dry shampoo and really, that's what we all want, right? Non-greasy roots and lift from a can and Plump For Joy delivers! The scent is VASTLY improved from Clean Freak and so is the texture, I don't have to shake the can for an hour before spraying and still get powder marks. I've even forgotten to shake Plump for Joy and no powder marks. This stuff reduces greasiness in your roots, gives hair a lift and bounce, also the scent while nice, isn't overpowering. At 5.00 a can, it's an amazing buy. The best part, after you spray it in and work it through, then brush, afterwards you can still easily run your fingers through your hair, unlike some dry shampoos. Plump for Joy is the closest I have come to Living Proof's dry shampoo in a drug store brand, it's not exactly the same, but it's close. Clean feeling hair with manageability that's shiny and not completely matte in texture, with results that last ALL DAY. I've even used this several days consecutively and my hair hasn't become hard to comb or work with, it's great. It's amazing. I love it and tell everyone about it. And for 5.00, I buy 2 cans when I'm at the store because I NEVER want to run out. It's definitely one for you to road test if you haven't tried it already!

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