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a year ago

J'adore ce produit, je le recommanderais certainement à tous mes amis et à ma famille ... [produit: jlust-by-jennifer-lopez-parfum-femme] .J'ai fait la même chose pour moi et je l'aime vraiment

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a year ago

Notes from Fragrantica: juicy mandarin, apple blossom and "mara des bois" strawberry. The heart consists of opulent Sambac jasmine, white peach and vanilla orchid. The base ends with a cloud of feather musk, tolu balsam and tonka bean. This is pretty and inoffensive, but nothing groundbreaking or exciting. I have to agree with most other reviewers, it does smell a lot like a VS body spray--with just a bit more longevity. This is pleasant enough to still keep in my collection, even if it's just for those days I need something easy and pretty with no real personality. Gah that sounds awful, but there you have it. The bottle is pretty and pink, not garish. The notes that are present to my nose: peach, musk (a lot of sweet musk), a hint of tolu balsam (the one thing that gives this fragrance a little more life tbh) and some tonka and apple blossom. No strawberry whatsoever. If you're looking for a strawberry frag, look elsewhere. This is not it. That balsam note is lovely though. I just with the fragrance on a whole had a bit more liveliness to it.

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3 years ago

I was not expecting to like this, but it is quite nice, especially for this time of year, Springtime, but I think this would be nice for Summer and even Winter. The first thing that came to my mind when smelling this was, and yes, I know it is silly, but the Britney Spears song 'I'm not a Girl, yet not a Woman'.This is a young woman's scent, very girly and feminine; I think for the most part, but it is not too overly sweet that I think almost any age could wear this. But it just strikes me as not a total little girl/tween/teeny-bopper fragrance.....yet not a mature fragrance. Feminine, for sure!! Fragrantica has the accords listed as in order: Fruity Sweet Musky Balsamic Floral For me, I detect a Fruity/Sweet/Floral. I do not detect any musk, at least not on me, and my skin tends to pick up musk. But if you do not like musk, I would definitely test this before purchasing, if possible, as many reviewers online seem to find musk high on the accords. But I do not the musk detect on me, just fruity/sweet/slightly floral. I also do not pick up balsamic, hardly at all, none worth mentioning. On me, this is a fruity/sweet/floral, very nicely done, and none of the notes overpowering one another. Lasting power is definitely all day, and for me, this smells pretty much the same on dry-down as when first sprayed, no changing notes wildly, and no unexpected surprises on the dry down. I like how the tonka bean seems to keep everything from becoming too sweet, the tonka I think balances everything out nicely. The bottle is lovely, a feminine pale pink, if a bit awkward for people like me with bad wrists, but not terrible uncomfortable. Hey, when you have bad wrists, weird and awkward bottles can make you love or not love a fragrance, more or less sometimes.. ;) All in all, this is a lovely fragrance. I debated the 'Would I repurchase?' question, only because I have so many fragrances, but, if this became lost, I would likely replace it..so yes, I would repurchase. Not an extremely unique fragrance, but pretty 'safe' and rather crowd-pleasing, I think. Not too strong nor heavy, and yet lasts all day.

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