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3 years ago

This baked blush can be -as it says on the packaging- used as a blush, Illuminator or a Bronzer. The color is a nice soft rose but the product itself is so baked that it barely gives any color - and I do have pretty fair skin. I really have to scratch the top to retrieve some color on my brush. The packaging is cute as a button and it's not very expensive but if you can have to fight a blush it is still not worth it.

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SkinDry, Fair-Medium, Neutral

HairBrown, Wavy, Fine


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3 years ago

This is a sheer but buildable colour that is easy to blend but has poor lasting power. I would not repurchase this, but I will happily use it up and buy a higher quality version of it once it's gone. NYX's website describes it as an "iridescent pink". To me it looks rather cool toned, but I may be thrown off by the frost. I find it very flattering on my NC15 tone, so don't be put off if you're warm toned. However it is too light to use in summer when I'm NC20. It is extremely frosty in the pan and has a frosty shimmer once applied. This can be quickly blended to a satin shimmer. The glitter is finely milled and doesn't exaggerate pores. I sometimes run a kabuki brush over this at the end and it gives a really beautiful doll-like satin flush while taking away most of the glitter. The frostiness and glitter in the pan looks intimidating, but as I said, it only takes a few seconds to get it to be a satin shimmer. To apply, you'll need a stiffish or tapered brush (I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush on sheer shimmer products because it usually picks up more colour than glitter). This blush is very easy to blend and is one of the few products I like the look of even if it isn't blended out. If I did not have a stiff brush I would not like this blush nearly as much. The lasting power sucks. I get maybe three hours before it starts noticeably fading. At five hours I just look faintly flushed as though I ran a short distance - but in a "my cheeks are paler and pink" instead of a "my cheeks are flushed" way. Not a bad thing, but not a good thing. It disappears around six hours. It develops an oil layer easily but they're fixable with tape. I find the packaging bulky and there's heeeaps of powder kickback which makes the inside quite messy. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a sheer blush and secretly loves frost and doesn't want to admit it publicly in this 90s-makeup-hating Instagram world we live in. I think it's a good beginner product as well because it can help you figure out your blush placement area without looking wrong (as long as you blend). I chose this picture to upload because the top half of the blush is the most colour accurate imo. When googling, I came across other images that showed it to be a more hot pink than it is.

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SkinCombination, Fair, Warm

HairBrunette, Wavy, Fine


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