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3 years ago

This will reboot your curls for the next few days (I use it each day) until you shampoo again. I'm not what is probably meant by traditionally "mixed" (aren't we all one big melting pot we are all mixed it's the human race) I'm euro/Canadian/American (Caucasian) but this helps revive my curls between shampoos. I shampoo my hair ev 4-5 days so I needed something to freshen it up (dry shampoo seems to prematurely gunk up my hair unless I flat iron it and I'm trying to avoid heat well problem is now solved). mixed chicks solves my hair problems. I have 2C/3A hair that gets greasy easily. This foam is perf it doesn't gum up your hair or get it funky gunky (haha rhyme time) this foam dries out your hair a bit but that's it soaking sopping up the excess oils that comes from sleeping on my hair & I'm oily asf to begin with I have very oily skin/scalp my hair is so greasy if I were to wash it more often than 4 days it would go into double time oil over production. But I can't go longer than 5 days without double shampooing coz I am that oily. I'm on a med that messes w hormones & causes oilier skin too & thin hair (I'm not well). I wet my hands & take a dollop of foam & scrunch it finger forming coils/waves I got those 80s hair band waves not corkscrews it comes from years of being unhealthy & flat ironing my hair for 15 years pretty much just started embracing my curls about 6 mos. ago when I joined as social media group for embracing the curly "way" of life (not ev1 in the group embraces a strict CG method of taking care of their hair some even occasionally flat iron) this foam isn't cheap it's like $13 or $14 but I managed to find mine on sale for $10 this time around that makes this frugal gal's heart sing!! I'm used to using LA Looks sport gel to refresh my hair from the dollar tree. I generally blow all of my budget on makeup (chanel...MAC) so it doesn't leave a lot in the coffer for haircare lol I refuse to buy a $25 bottle of shampoo. $10 maybe $12 is about my limit for hair care per product I need $50-$65 worth of hair care w month approx (once in awhile I use gel or hairspray not all of the time now that I use mixed chicks I need a lot less of other stuff my hairspray, gel & Mousse costs less than $2 ea. I use white rain hairspray or Dollar Tree hairspray; dollar tree mousse; LA Looks Sport gel $1 & I splurge on batiste dry shampoo but I'm not using all that daily. TBH I need 4 products: Mixed chicks shampoo, foam, leave in condish & deep condish. I hate to sound all fan girl but this foam is good!! I'm a big Mixed Chicks fan!!!!

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