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2 years ago

This is a review for the waterproof dip eyeliner. The applicator is a little big I have to concur. Doesn’t budge & my eyes are v watery esp in the evenings after wearing this all day it stays. #slayqween #winning #wings

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2 years ago

So I gave this product a really high rating but would probably not purchase it again. It checks most of the boxes, i.e. it's really dark, has great lasting power, does not smudge and is really affordable. However, I am a perfectionist when it comes to winged eyeliner and the slippery tip at the end of the wand makes it hard to control and get that perfectly smooth line. I think it would be great if the same formula was packaged with a different wand.

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3 years ago

The only good thing about this product is the price. The applicator is too big for a precise wing and picks up too much product. The product itself is not opaque and becomes dark grey when it dries out. It does stay for a while if you don't touch your eyes but just coming near them removes the product.

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3 years ago

Picked this eyeliner up thinking it was another one from essence (also gray and black, but in an almond shaped bottle). Didn't like this as all (hence the low rating) because: - the foamy applicator is too big for precise application - the stopper makes you have to use a bit of force to get the applicator out, and if you're not careful, drops of product splash out, which makes a mess - product started smelling after like 2 weeks of being opened (and being used 2-3 times) - the matte and kinda opaque liner wasn't opaque enough, so at times, you could see the different strokes The liquid itself isn't that bad, A bit more opaque and it'd be great. The packaging and applicator are what really need help

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