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2 years ago

I purchased the travel spray version of Au the Bleu (and how great is it that they offer one of those?), which will run you $25 for 0.34 oz. I have found this scent such a delightful go-to that I think I will soon be purchasing the full-sized bottle because my travel spray is already running low. Au the Bleu is purported to be inspired by oolong. I don't know about that, but I will tell you that it has a cool, misty vibe very much in keeping with the packaging. I smell a soft lavender, green violet, and iris root. It is decidedly floral, but very unassuming. And for such a subdued fragrance, it has surprising sillage - I've gotten several compliments from people several hours after I'd spritzed it. The drydown focuses mainly on the iris and a clean musk, and is just as pleasant as the opening. I would say that if you like Chanel 28 La Pausa, any of the other Bvlgari The scents, or Prada's Infusion d'Iris, this one is definitely worth a sniff. It is also available in body lotion or shower gel, which I am keen to try.

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3 years ago

I work at a small privately owned pharmacy/cosmetique. We specialize in old school, classic, and hard to find fragrances. Every so often, especially after Christmas, the buyer has to purge some of the merchandise to make room for the new. The half off fragrances sat there for some time before I sniffled the Bulgari au The Bleu. I am not a Bulgari fan, They generally do not have enough personality for me. This large blue bottle sat there and one day I smelled it. It was interesting and intriguing. It was fresh, watery, and mysterious with notes of lavender but not old ladyish lavender-more complex and realized. I kept taking a whiff of my wrist and broke down and bought the edp 3.4 oz at $56. What a coup and I enjoy wearing this not so common scent, Try it and see what you think. It is a little different in a good way,

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