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2 years ago

I have “...Nude” & “...Berries” & I looooove them. I love getting 2 lipsticks for price of 1 even if they are small I buy small lipsticks all of the time (Bobbi brown has GWP sizes u can get on Ebay & TOM FORD Boys & Girls Lip Color are smaller sized lipsticks), I haven’t finished a lipstick in years (so size doesn’t bother me as long as I’m getting a decent amount for USD$6), not since they DC my fave wetnwild mocha bean lipstick. The colors are perf I want to collect them all. I love the packaging. It’s ideal for my baby Louis Vuitton handbag. The packaging is sleek/attractive/functional & fits in the most impossibly small purses. These are not unique colors you probably already have them if you own more than 10-15 lipsticks you probably can dupe them but I love the colors. I carry a small travel lip brush bcoz the directions suggest a lip brush Although I can apply these just fine from the bullet. Elf has come out w some new stuff so I raided the display at Kroger for new stuff. I will BOLO for the shades I don’t got. #winning Grade: A+

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2 years ago

I Love the bare it all nude lip duo.Both colors look as good as it can get with me.I can't find colors that look good on me but these look Right on with my color and skin tone.These are small and one side broke but I put it back together.The colors are still so good.I'd like a tube of each color.I would like these as a matte liquid lipstick also.

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3 years ago

I bought this in 2 colors, The Best of Berries and Need it Nudes. I wore Best of Berries when I got home - and I must say, the colors on these are beautiful but the FORMULA is amazing! The formula of these duo lipsticks are identical to the older formula of ELF's moisturizing lipstick line. The new formula for the moisturizing line is much more dry compared to the older line. However, these duo lipsticks have the same creamy, balmy consistency of a moisturizing ELF lipstick. If you aren't thrilled with the "Moisturizing" lipstick line that ELF currently has out (Party in the Buff etc..) then try this line! You get 2 small lipsticks for $5 and they are CREAMY. I like the idea of having 2 colors handy. I also like the applicator. Need it Nudes: Very nice neutral tan colors - the 'night' shade isn't that dark (a very orangey maple caramel color), and the 'day' shade is identical to most of the "browns/nudes" lipsticks in the ELF lipstick lines (Beautifully Bare Touch of Nude, In the Nude, Matte Praline) and can wash you out if you aren't careful. The "night" shade might be similar to the ELF Velvet Matte "Blushing Brown" - but I have to compare. I thought they'd have more of a pink undertone, but they don't on my lips or with my skin tone. I found that both the day/night shades applied together on the lip make a beautiful color - but not as beautiful as Best of Berries. When I mixed the two for Need It Nudes, it created an orangey tan color. Not the most flattering, so I'd wear this duo individually as instructed. As with most nude lip colors, I like this lipstick duo best when I apply the ELF clear lip lacquer first and then one of these colors on my lips. Best of Berries: I found that the "night" color for this was an identical match to most of the other "Berry" shades in all the ELF lipstick lines (matte, beautifully bare etc..) and I'm not a huge fan of wearing BOLD dark (on me) colors to work - I decided to try mixing the day and night shades to wear it as one mixed lip color. BEST IDEA EVER. I applied the "day" berry color to my top lip and applied the "night" berry shade to my bottom, then pressed my lips together mix them well - and it came out as a beautiful muted light berry shade!!! So pretty and much more natural (for me) for everyday wear. Only reason I decided to do that was because I loved the "day" color so much more than the "night" color for Best of Berries that I thought mixing them would help bring both colors out on my lips. And it does. If you are looking for a great way to get common ELF lipstick colors in a 2-for-1 - these might be worth picking up in every shade. I feel like the Need It Nudes covers every nude/brown lipstick ELF has out, same for Best of Berries - you are going to get a light and dark berry shade that I know ELF has out individually - and I'm guessing the same goes for the red and pink versions of this duo. For $5, it's a steal getting almost all the lip colors you'd ever need from ELF (vs. buying each individually for $3). Just a thought. I considered picking up the pink and red for this exact reason, but I don't wear pink or reds at all on my lips, so I thought it a bit of a waste (for me). I wish ELF would come out with just a regular sized lipstick for the "day" shade in Best of Berries. It's a beautiful muted dusty berry color. Not rose, not fully pink - almost like "Tea Rose" in the matte lip line, but not as purple based. I can't describe it, but on my lips - the Best of Berries "day" shade was a beautiful color and I am in love with it! (ETA: I'm pretty sure that the out of stock/discontinued color "WInk Pink" from the ELF Moisturizing lipstick line is a match to the Best of Berries "day" shade. I'm thinking of tracking one down or waiting until it comes back in stock to compare.)

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