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3 years ago

I am a lipstick FANATIC. I swear I have tried them all, from low-end, to high-end, natural, chemical-laden, you name it. They are the one product I have really struggled with as I search for organic, cruelty-free cosmetics, and yet one of the most important to buy organic, I feel. I wear lipstick ALL THE TIME because my lips are kind of pale and "meh" without it, and with the amount of lipstick that means that I end up ingesting on a daily basis - having good ingredients is a must. My lips are super sensitive, they easily get dry, peel, crack, or react in strange ways to a lot of lipsticks. I have always felt it was a trade off between great colors, my lips reaction, and ingredients. My lips like the Urban Decay "Vice" lipstick formula, for instance, and the colors are amazing; so I settled for the chemical-laden formula (but at least they are cruelty-free). Anyway, the Vapour Organic Beauty Siren lipsticks are perfect for me in EVERY way. Great ingredients that are mostly organic or inert minerals, colors that are to die for, longer-lasting (several hours anyway), and INCREDIBLY moisturizing on my poor winter dry lips. I have Au Pair, a nice creamy, MLBB color on me - kind of a lighter rosey shade, and Luscious which is a somewhat shimmery berry color on me. Both are LOVELY and I will be purchasing many more, I feel. They are pricey but comparable to other higher-end brands.

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