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a year ago

I have only tried the Thalia solid shampoo which is for oily hair. I really like the idea of solid shampoos and this one is superb. It leaves hair smooth and soft, it can also be used as a body soap, in fact if you suffer from butt acne like I do, I highly recommend it. It is ideal for traveling because it doesn't count as sth liquid and it multitasks. If you don't wet the bar with water it will last for quite some time. The Thalia liquid shampoo, even though it lacked anything harsh like SLS, wasn't as good as the solid one.

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3 years ago

I have sensitive scalp and I really like solid shampoo. I tried Lush shampoo bar but I'm kinda put off by their 90% SLS formulas. I found Fresh line, this greek brand which is pretty much like Lush but their shampoo bars' use SCS instead of SLS. I wash my hair every other day, this shampoo is not drying. My scalp felt fresh and wasn't irritated. Hair is very smooth too. (When I used Lush New, i had a lot of fly aways!) It has a much milder scent compared to Lush. If you enjoy Lush shampoo bars, you'd definitely love this one!

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