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Package Quality: 2.0

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Package Quality: 2.0

Price: $$$



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on 2/18/2017 11:27:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Blue

Want to know why Suva Beauty's website has nothing but good reviews for this palette? It's because they remove the bad ones. I reviewed this palette on their website and they removed my review. If you value integrity, think twice before engaging yourself with this brand.
I purchased "The Hussle" palette at a store called "Funk 'n Frost" at a local mall in Surrey, B.C. for $40 Cdn. My head nearly snapped backwards when I spotted this when leaving the store - it was so gorgeous! Metallic looking beige (Empire State), a metallic peachy copper bronze (Gastown Grind), a neutral metallic bronze (The6ix) and a beautiful shimmery deep mocha (City of Angels). The tester swatched beautifully. I love metallics. I had to have it! I inquire and they "think they have just one left!" so the lure was on and I was excited to get my hands on one. There's no return policy at this store. You buy it, you own it. No returns, but I'm sure I'm going to adore this palette. BUT... that's when the party ended.
I get home and the next day excitedly try to use it. I dip my brush into Empire State. Nothing. I try again. Nothing. I simply could not get anything onto my brush. I try my finger and barely anything. These are supposed to have a 'built in primer" but perhaps the proportions are off with this batch. The more I tried to get anything onto my brush or finger, the more "hardpan" it got. Now it's just a shiny rock of a shadow. I had similar but not quite as bad experiences with the other shades. I was able to get some payoff with a brush or finger but all of the other 3 have the beginnings of a hard shiny 'hardpan' appearance. I can tell this pallete is going to have a limited lifespan. I'm scared to use them because the more you try to get any colour payoff, the more hardpan appears. IF/when you manage to get any colour payoff, the colours are really gorgeous, but at what cost?? $40 bucks down the tube.
When I put up my review on the Suva Beauty website a few months later, they replied in a couple days, asking to see my receipt and pictures. I normally keep receipts but only when a return is possible... so in this case the receipt was long gone. I could have easily sent pics - I did actually take some - but never sent them in since I didn't have the receipt any more. At that point I figured it was moot to even try so I gave up.

You may not be aware that the owner of Suva Beauty has been on ABC's 20/20, exposing light on the sales tactics that makeup sales people use. Although she says she's trying to "expose" the negative tactics used, isn't that like shooting your own industry in the foot? You have your own cosmetic line yet you're trying to make everyone else out to be the bad guy, not to mention the conflict of interest. After my experience with the product and then finding her 20/20 expose, I felt double burned. What did the sales girl say to me when I bought it? Oh yeah.. "Let me check... we might just have one left!" That's a tactic used in her video. She says she doesn't use those tactics anymore but IT WAS USED ON ME by a girl selling her line.
Another bone of contention. If you truly believe your product is that great, why not a return policy?

Now for all I know, my palette was a botched lot and the issue is fixed, but that doesn't change my own experience. The tester swatched beautifully but mine has definite issues so there is certainly a problem with quality control and consistency. (Maybe too much mineral oil?) I personally will be avoiding this line in the future.

EDIT to add: Ingredient list. Also, return policy online is 30 days BUT items have to be UNUSED. So if you use them and don't like them, you're out of luck. AND, for the life of me I can NOT find out just WHERE these are made. NO mention anywhere on either US or Cdn websites. I can't find the box for my palette so if anyone can update that info and add it to the ingredient list, that would be awesome.
EDIT - found a blogger who had a pic of the back of her palette packaging. "Made in PRC" (China)

Video mentioned is here:

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