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3 years ago

This is a texturizing clay that gives hair that slept in, lived in look. It adds varying degrees of texture, depending on how much you use. It's necessary to warm up the clay in the palms before application so that the product becomes more pliable and therefore easier to distribute throughout the hair. I understand that Concrete is a new product that has replaced a similar discontinued one. I don't know anything about the previous product but I do like Concrete. It has an almost waxy consistency but spreads easily. My hair is a little below shoulder length so I started with a dime sized amount and rubbed it in my palms and then scrunched throughout my hair after using the curling iron to create loose waves. This wasn't quite enough product so I again used a dime sized amount and scrunched it all over. This product claims to have strong hold, which was a deciding factor for me because I live in Florida, where the humidity can easily make waves relax too much. My hair is also extremely hard to hold generally so I need a product with strong hold. This product does add quite a bit of texture and the hold held up despite the high humidity, which is a very good thing. It wasn't sticky or stiff and wasn't the least bit crunchy. I have tried many dry texturizing sprays, all of which were sticky and left my hair feeling dirty and matted. This product didn't do that at all. It doesn't add volume and should not be applied anywhere near the roots. I only used it on the mid lengths and ends and it gave me that piecey separation on the ends that's so on trend right now. It will take some time before I know exactly the right amount to use but using two dime sized portions seemed to be the appropriate amount for my length of hair. I think this product would be great for shorter hair too, especially a choppy bob. I had been using Bumble and Bumble Thickening Creme Contour, which is a cream product that does add very light texture and separation. However, BB has very light hold compared to Concrete so by the end of the day, my waves would fall flat even though I used a tiny amount. BB doesn't add volume either and should only be applied to the lengths, not the roots. If you use too much of the BB product, hair can look greasy. Concrete adds much more texture plus it seems to have strong hold, just as promised. I have used Concrete twice and both times I had a very good hair day. It gave my clean hair that beach-y-ness that everyone strives for. It made my hair look intentionally messy, that "I woke up like this" look. So far I really like this product. But I don't know how easily it washes out. It did come off of my hands with soap, with no left over residue so I'm assuming shampoo will remove it. It held up well despite the high humidity outside, which is the true test for any styling product. It kept the waves in place, although I should have used another product at the roots for volume, which I will do next time. I don't know anything about the product it replaced but Concrete is a really good product and much better than most dry texturizing sprays. The only texturizing product I really like is IGK Down and Out Dirty Spray, however, the full size is only 5 ounces so it goes quite quickly. This jar of Concrete seems like it would last quite a while because so little product is needed to achieve the right look. I also bought Alterna Grit, which is a cream supposedly with medium hold but I haven't tried it yet. In texture it seems to be quite similar to the BB Creme Contour, which I do like but it doesn't keep my waves in place all day when the humidity is high. Hopefully, Grit will work better. I couldn't decide between Concrete and Grit so I decided to get them both and to return whichever product didn't live up to its claims. So far, I really like Concrete and feel it's a good replacement for the IGK Dirty Spray, which I want to save for days when I want my hair to look its best. Concrete is pricey but truthfully I haven't found a comparable drugstore product. I have tried pastes and cream texturizers from the drugstore but they have fallen far short of the mark. The only exception is a product from Got2b called Playful, which is a texturizing cream pomade, similar to BB. It does add texture but doesn't have much hold so I only use it on days when the humidity is low, usually in the cooler months. It might be the same thing as Alterna Grit, I don't know yet. Once I try Grit, I will review it here and if Playful is a dupe, I will definitely say so. I do like Concrete and plan on using it regularly. I'm happy that it only takes a very small amount to get the effect I want, which means the jar will last quite a while. I do recommend Concrete for anyone who wants texture without stickiness or stiffness. It does have a matte finish, which is not all that great, but if you use a small amount, it doesn't dampen shine too much. If you're looking for a great texturizing product for longer or shorter hair, Concrete is definitely a product you'll want to try.

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