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2 years ago

I have used this product since it was first released (previously under the name of Skin Boost) and have loved it so much, I've never stopped using it. I think that's been for about 10 years. I'm please to say this product is VEGAN and The Body Shop does not sell in China and have a completely 0 animal testing policy. I have dry skin and I use this product after my moisturiser, as a makeup primer, because it enables me to work with/blend my foundation. Once I've set my foundation, I do not have any slip or slide of my makeup throughout the day. I would however, imagine this would be a problem for anyone with normal to oily skin. PRICE: I would say this runs middle of the road (RRP £17) when compared against other serums and primers. PACKAGING: Simple pump bottle which is easy to use and ensures that every drop of the product is used. One pump is sufficient for my entire face and jawline. SCENT: Nice citrus smell. FEEL: a soft, velvety feel when applied but without feeling greasy or that there is a film of product on your skin

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3 years ago

Too expensive for an under performing product, They changed the formula. The old formula made skin look brighter. This new formula barely does, the formula feels irritable and uncomfortable on the skin as the day goes on. It smells nice but so what. The product ingredients sound like they could be found in a toxic waste dump. My skin gets bad when I wear this more than a couple of times a week.

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3 years ago

I have put this product under Primers even though The Body Shop don't market it as such, because that's clearly what it is. The packaging itself just says "For dull tired and grumpy skin". It's on the BS website under moisturisers although I hardly think it can claim to be that. I got the impression it was meant to impart one's skin with an element of radiance and I bought it on that basis. I'm sorry, I can only say that it sucks. It gives no radiance whatsoever. It does nothing except put a slimy film over the face. It is more like a primer and the best I can say is that it does make one's face make up easier to put on. It is horribly thick and the pump dispenser is impossible to regulate, occasionally sending spurts across the room. You always get more than you want. But the worse was to come. After some days of using this, I have the most horrendous outbreak of blemishes. I have now thrown it in the bin.

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