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3 years ago

This mask is designed to restore the proper ph levels to color treated hair and to smooth the cuticle, which has been roughened by chemical processing. My hair is color treated and I'm always on the hunt for good masks, which are a regular part of my hair care regimen. I use Olaplex, which can leave hair dry, and I also use protein in combination with it and protein can also be drying. Consequently, I need a very hydrating mask formula that can restore lost moisture and keep my hair soft and supple. I have been using and loving Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus mask but haven't been able to find it at my local Ulta store or even online at Ulta. I don't know whether it's been discontinued or not, I certainly hope not. But in any case, I needed a very moisturizing mask for my regular weekly Olaplex treatment and this one from Phyto seemed like a good one to try. It has a very light scent, which is great if you're sensitive to fragrance. The directions say to leave the mask on for 2-5 minutes. I used this mask for about 30 minutes with heat and left it on for another hour or so. It rinses cleanly, leaving no residue behind. It made my hair very soft, smooth and shiny and my hair felt very nourished and hydrated. I don't know what the results would have been if I had only left the mask on for a short amount of time. I usually use heat with every mask, I think they work better that way because the heat opens up the cuticle and allows the mask to truly penetrate the hair shaft. I might try this Phyto mask in lieu of regular conditioner if my hair is feeling parched. I get unbelievably good results with Olaplex (steps 1 and 2) but I usually do a protein treatment as well. The Redken mask has a significant amount of protein which allows me to combine two steps into a single step. The ingredients for this Phyto mask were not on the container so I don't know if it contains any protein. However, based on my results and the fact that the claims for this product suggest it's a repairative formula, I'm guessing it does have some protein. I just had my hair colored so I didn't want to use an intensive protein treatment like Apoghee, which can fade color somewhat. I reserve Apoghee for before I color so that this isn't an issue. One of the reasons I like the Redken mask so much is that it has a lot of protein but doesn't affect my color at all. Like I said, it's a great product so I'm hoping it hasn't been discontinued. But as a replacement, I really like this Phytocitrus mask. It did nearly as good a job as the Redken mask. My hair felt soft and smooth from roots to ends and didn't feel damaged at all, not even to my DH who I asked to run his hands through my hair and he said it felt very soft, even the ends (which before Olaplex and this mask were fried). This Phytocitrus mask proved to be an awesome product and I'm glad I bought it. It was pricey but occasionally TJ Maxx and Marshall's have Phyto products at a significant discount. I have another Phyto smoothing mask that I found at Marshall's for $12.99 but the effects are not nearly as good and the Phytocitrus mask. I would use that one for a different purpose and not in conjunction with Olaplex. I do think the Phytocitrus mask is a good one to use as part of an Olaplex regimen. It's expensive but for me, it was worth it. However, in the meantime I'm going to try to find a site to buy the Redken Extreme mask online. It quickly became a HG product for me and I've recommended it numerous times on the hair board. I always hate recommending products that become discontinued, it's really not fair. I have many other masks but none of them do as good as job as the Redken one, but this Phytocitrus formula comes damn close. I will give it a try instead of regular conditioner if my hair starts feeling dry and it's not yet time for an Olaplex treatment. I've been doing Olaplex weekly for about a year and my hair is in great condition, despite coloring, highlighting and regular heat styling. It's a time consuming process but so worth it. If you know how to best use Olaplex, it will work miracles. It's especially great when used in conjunction with protein. I do think the Phytocitrus mask has protein because my results were so similar to those I get with the Redken Extreme mask. My hair has been through tons of abuse and with these treatments has emerged healthy and shiny and able to hold a style well. I'm trying to wait another couple of months before I have a trim (I'm growing out layers) and my ends have seen better days. But with Olaplex, protein and moisture, my hair looks and feels great, so waiting these few months is not that hard. Even my DH is amazed at the results I get with this three step regimen (even though he teases me about "cooking" my hair all afternoon, lol!). I definitely recommend the Phytocitrus mask. If I can't find the Redken mask, this one will do just fine. It's definitely worth the money and I think it would be a great choice even if your hair isn't color treated. Phyto products have worked well for me in the past so I think it's a good brand. The only product that didn't perform well for me was the iconic volume spray. It simply didn't give me lasting volume, although the immediate effects were amazing. But the Phytocitrus mask is awesome and I definitely will put it on my list of products to recommend on the hair board.

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