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3 years ago

Oh I love this thing... I have been using Neostrata's Resurface range for the last few years (the foam and Ultra Smoothing Cream, both the original and the SPF one for the morning) but at some point, after experimenting with other skincare products, my face looked a bit red and dry - it also felt a bit uncomfortable and dry too, so I thought perhaps I should give this a go, especially as my skin seems to like Neostrata. The cream is almost like a balm, and I was wondering whether it will actually work given how thick it is, but actually it does a very good job. I use it at night and wake up to baby smooth and soft skin, and believe it or not,the redness was gone almost from the first application. I have tried Clinique's Redness solution stuff but the cream felt a bit too heavy for my skin - it does work though, but not as good as Neostrata if you ask me. At the moment I am using this whenever needed (so basically some nights, and sometimes during the day, especially at weekends) and I have a feeling that during the winter it will probably be used a bit more. It doesn't break me out either, but then again that's the case with all Neostrata products that I've been using.

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3 years ago

A balm like product. It is a very thick translucent like white balm cream. Very good for post cosmetic procedures (eg dermasion, acid peels etc). Helps the skin to recover and regain moisture. It could break you out or cause bumps (for my mum who was using mine). A must-have post the citrate acid peel/treatment or the slight dry skin that is experienced post strong scrubbing or some acidic based peel off mask. Put on a good layer or even a very thick layer as you feel necessary, goes on the neck too.

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