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1 month ago

This is my HG sunscreen. Ive used Thinkbaby also. The only difference is the scent; Thinkbaby is fruitier while Thinksport is citrusy. 20% zinc (non nano) is the primary sun protection ingredient. Aloe juice is high on the list which makes perfect sense to soothe skin.

This leaves a noticeable whitish cast which i prefer because i can see the protection. It brightens my skin and tones down the shallowness, which looks actually nice. It’s very durable and waterproof (up to 80 mins) and does not wipe off easily. I do not have problems washing it off in the shower nor do i double cleanse to get it off.

Cheap - off amazon around $12-19 for 6 oz. It’s a big bottle.

I use three pea sized drops for my face and neck. One for forehead and upper cheeks/under eye …
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My review is referring to the Thinksport SPF 50+ Mineral ss in a black and white bottle.
I like this product. I'm rating it 3 lippies though because it does have a few cons. I might repurchase it for my necks/hands/arms, but it's not going to be replacing my Replenix Sheer Physical SS Spray.

-20% Zinc oxide gives you great protection. I …
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