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3 years ago

wow this cream is absolutely fantastic ...I I have tried so many creams so far: both high end and pharmaceutical but none of them really amazed me like this one to start of , I have a pretty stubborn pretentious skin : dry in the morning and gets quite oily during the day ..its also very sensitive and prone to breakouts ...I went to the pharmacy one day to find a cream for my dull problematic skin ..I knew about this brand for quite some time sitting on the shelves in this pharmacy , but never really sparked an interest in me to try it, probably because I never heard of it ,so I always want to buy brands which are well known ..the pharmacy lady recommended this face cream to me , but I was hesitant to buy it ..she kept on insisting,telling me she recommended this to all her friends and women doctors and they all rave it ....I gave in and I bought it ...on my way home I was convinced I was another victim of the seller's persuasion when I first tried this , I was amazed how buttery yet light at the same time it feels....after I massaged it into my skin ,it absorbed quickly without leaving a tacky feeling of grease behind ..instead I felt some nice subtle cooling effect which lasts for about 10 seconds ive been using It for 5 days so far ,day and night and I noticed a big difference in my skin ..it looks more refreshed ,toned ,softer and ive also noticed a significant improvement in my fine lines and its been only 5 days ....I havent used new products in my skin care routine beside this ,so this is the only thing that might had caused the change...I also use it under my foundation with no troubles ,it doesn't affects its properties..although for very dry skins ,this might not be enough if their foundation is matte overall I'm very impressed by this cream , and now I want to try more of their products ...I had troubles finding their website at first by searching -417 but then I tried ''minus417'' and I found them http://www.minus417.com/

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Styles change quickly in the beauty world, but something you can always count...

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