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2 years ago

This gave me allergy with itchy red eyes. Im sensitive tho, but if u are too, dont buy this.

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3 years ago

2.5/5 from me. The color scheme is absolutely gorgeous, 100% up my alley- that's why I bought it, despite not being a fan of MUR Iconic palettes in the past. I love blue, green and pink eyeshadow. If the quality was as good as the color selection, it would be a total hit. But it's not. The shadows are hit and miss. I have pretty much exactly the same opinion about this palette as previous reviewer. Some look beautiful applied with finger (some shimmery blues and reds), some don't show up on the skin at all. Most of them develop hard pan even if I use only a brush. I can do some beautiful looks with this palette, but pretty much half of the colors' performance is mediocre. I guess you get what you pay for, but to be honest I'd rather spend that money on my favorite Sleek eyeshadows- they can be hit and miss too, but I love how long lasting and pigmented most of them are. Lasting power of MUR isn't bad either- at least of those who show up on my eyelid.

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3 years ago

This is a 32 shades palette with an array of bright and fun colours. This is a cheap brand and a cheap palette (I purchased it for 119SEK in Sweden, ulta.com sells it for $15, superdrug for £8) and obviously you need to take it for what it is. In other words, it's quite expected to see talc as the second ingredient, for the shadows to be less than ideal to work with and so on. Many shades in this palettes finger swatch great, mainly the more metallic ones. Some are easy to pick up with your finger but then won't transfer very well to your skin, it stays packed onto the pad of your finger like a thick layer. There's a real slip to the formula that makes it hard to a) pick up shades with a brush and b) transfer the shade from your fingers onto your lid. When finger swatching on the back on your hand, for example, you can apply the amount of pressure needed to make the shadow transfer and show up as pigmented. Obviously the same amount of pressure can't (or at least shouldn't) be applied to the eyelid, so when I try to pack on the shadow by patting it on with my finger it's hard to really build up much of an intensity. I've completely given up using brushes with this palette, because especially the satin ones will barely show up at all that way. If you want to try using brushes I'd say patting it on is still the way to go, or you'll have to deal with fallout. I wouldn't say there's any true mattes in the palette (and I guess mattes aren't very mermaid-y), but rather a range of metallic, shimmers and satins. Again, the metallic ones are the easiest to work with, and the ones that I've been gravitating towards the most. Sadly, even when I do get them to show up as decently pigmented on my eye, they fade a whole lot over the hours. I had the shade Ariel (a gorgeous metallic brick red/copper shade) as a pop of colour in a warm brown look the other day, and at the end of the day I could barely tell where I'd applied it - it looked more or less like I just had my all over lid shade left. Because they are hard to work with and not long-lasting, I've never applied any shade from this palette all over the lid. The texture and how it almost feels slick makes me think that my crease-prone eyelids will result in creasing even with primer - just a feeling I have though. I'm keeping this palette around because it's packed full of gorgeous shades that I don't own, and I like to experiment with pops of colours every now and then. This palette really do have a bunch of lovely shades, my favourites being Ariel, Pink Sea, Starfish, Waves, Sea, Land and Mineral. + Cruelty free + Cheap + The big mirror was a pleasant surprise in a palette in this price range + Overall the packaging is quite sturdy for the price point + The colour selection in the palette is super nice - Even with a "themed" palette like this, I like to see a few basic matte shadows so that I can create a whole look using one palette only, if needed - Hard to get to show up on the eyes - Fades rather quickly - I don't know if Makeup Revolution's extreme exposure on social media was an intentional move by a "social media brand" or if it just sort of happened on youtube. Either way, after trying quite a few products from this brand I definitely feel like they brand is being over-sold and hyped up in a similar way to Morphe and Gerard Cosmetics.

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